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Obama’s Racist, Anti-American Spiritual Mentor

Posted by Tony Listi on March 13, 2008

 The Rev. Jeremiah A. Wright (left), pastor of Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago, with Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama.

Wright blames America for 9/11. “God damn America”

Jeremiah Wright is like an “old uncle who sometimes says things I don’t agree with”? Then why does he have a formal role on the Obama campaign? Words matter Barack! You of all people should realize that.

Wright explains his perverse racial theology and attacks Hillary Clinton for being white.

The New York Times attempts to defend Obama. Are we really to believe that Obama can have such a close association with Mr. Wright and yet not hold any of his racist, anti-American views? Obama handpicked this church and this pastor out of many! Obama sat in Wright’s pews for 20 years! He was baptized at this church. He and Michelle were married at this church. Their children were baptized at this church. Obama had 20 years to distance himself from Wright and TUCC; we have no reason to believe his repudiations during campaign season are anything but statements of political expediency.

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(Pics from NYT and Chicago Tribune)

9 Responses to “Obama’s Racist, Anti-American Spiritual Mentor”

  1. […] His spiritual mentor for 20 years has been Jeremiah Wright whom Obama personally chose out of many Chicago pastors. It strains credibility that he […]

  2. […] scale to strike a balance with Ameriacans as a whole. His spiritual mentor for 20 years has been Jeremiah Wright whom Obama personally chose out of many Chicago pastors. It strains credibility that he didnt know […]

  3. All we need now to further your cause, would be to have you affiliated with Mr. Farrakhan. This speech is utter bull crap. I hope this man made lots of monies. I must be one of Mr. wrights white buffoons mentioned in his hatred speech. I am truly shocked. I have been a supporter of Mr. Obama and his change diatribe. I hope that he comes thru and also I hope that I am not making a very big mistake voting for this extremely intelligent presidential candidate. What I do not want is to be included/lumped into being one of the whites that Reverend Wright has chosen to lead his followers to hate. Lord help us if I make this mistake and the lunny world of Reverend Wright comes to the forefront. Come on Obama, cut from the mold have answers regarding questions regarding socialism, etc. If you are the man I think you are, then get with the program, have answers to your beliefs on the 10 reasons to not vote for you, and you also must know that I never racially acted with malice that is mentioned in the good Rev’s mumbo/jumbo.

  4. atiana said

    Now you people are so ignorant to say that Obama is racist when he has a white mother, if you did your research then you would not that…dumb people

  5. Dwayne said

    And yet he was still elected President!

  6. annie said

    With Rev. Wright, people change with time, he may not have been this radical when Obama met him as he is today. Time changes everyone, some people become more enlightened, some become angry. He did also denounce Rev. Wright on national t.v. stating that the rev.’s views do not reflect his own. How often do we have friends who have different views than ourselves? We may not go out and voice our views when close friends of ours have no shame when it comes to voicing theirs that may or defintaly may not reflect ours.

    Also, how can you call a man racist when he was raised by a Caucasian family, and only by his Caucasian family? Thus making him fight to fit in amungst both groups?

  7. Dante said

    If I had that much money I could get my cat elected. I think we’re all going to be very interested about where all that money came from. This is the death of public financing, one of the few good ideas to ever come out of Washington. I’ll miss being the greatest country, because this universal health care stuff will NEVER go away. It will bankrupt the next generation just like Social Security bankrupted this one. Our national debt is tremendous, and yet Obama wants to increase spending. I didn’t think my country was this stupid. I thought we could see past the lies, but with this new fairness doctrine, we won’t even be able to listen to talk radio anymore. The vast majority of Obama’s voters were uninformed. It’s a sad day for the country.

  8. Anonymous said

    you guys need to shut up. NONE of you know what you are talking about because you are so hooked on republican that you are not willing to see the TRUTH about McCain. you say that you dont want to relive the days of jimmy carter. WELL IF WE HAVE MCCAIN WE WOULD RELIVE THE DAYS OF BUSH! and NOBODY wants that for this country. that would put us in the most HORRIBLE situation possible. look at what bush has done now. IF IT ISNT CALLED A RECESSION. WELL IT SURE LOOKS LIKE ONE. This is BAD people. The economy is BAD. and we need help. we dont just need the same thing. We need CHANGE to what NEEDS to be changed. you can’t predict the future so STOP saying Obama is going to do a horrible job. MCCAIN MIGHT OF TOO! Start Thinking.

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