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10 Reasons NOT to vote for Obama

Posted by Tony Listi on June 30, 2008

1. He supports infanticide, literally!

2. His spiritual mentor for 20 years has been Jeremiah Wright whom Obama personally chose out of many Chicago pastors. It strains credibility that he didn’t know about Wright’s views. He listened to tapes of Rev. Wright when he was at Harvard Law! So why did he choose him and stick with him for so long? The only possible explanation is that he approved of Wright’s tirades.

3. He is a close friend of William Ayers and Bernadine Dorhn, unrepentant Weather Underground terrorists.

4. He is a target for assassination, not because he is black but because he is a Muslim apostate, according to devout Muslims around the world. Therefore, he cannot be a good Chief Diplomat to the Middle East.

5. He was mentored by a communist.

6. His economic plan will harm the US economy and create more fiscal irresponsibility with the Congressional Budget. Why do we want to return to the days of Jimmy Carter?

7. He is in favor of unilateral disarmament, leaving America defenseless against its enemies.

8. He is unaccomplished. He hasn’t really done anything of worth relative to the office of the US presidency. He’s only been in the Senate for about two years (assumed in office Jan of 2005 and announced his candidacy for the presidency in Feb 2007). One can’t be simultaneously a full-time senator and a full-time presidential candidate. Soon he will have campaigned for almost as long as he has been in the Senate.

9. He is willing to personally meet with hostile dictators like Hugo Chavez and Ahmadinejad with no preconditions. They don’t deserve such a privilege of meeting the President of the USA. Reagan negotiated from a position of strength, when he thought he could gain something. What does Obama hope to gain?

10. Three other people: Tony Rezko, Eric Holder, Jim Johnson. Why does Obama associate with such shady characters?

129 Responses to “10 Reasons NOT to vote for Obama”

  1. Rigg said

    I love your ten reasons.

    Another might be his radical wife who lies and denounces the United States when she opens her mouth.

    Check out her newest speech at:

  2. riggword said

    I love your ten reasons. There are so many more, but you hit the big ones.

    Check out one more at:

    Michelle Obama denounces Americans and lies whenever she gives a speech.

  3. c said

    you are an idiot. i love how many comments you have…….TWO!!!! get over it! there is a seperation between church and state, you moron. your neo-con golden days are over. now go back into your trailer.

  4. foospro86 said

    At least this “idiot” and “moron” knows how to spell “separation.” Can’t say the same for you.

    Thanks for being so kind, not descending to personal attacks, and actually addressing the points made in the the post!

    I just don’t understand how people out there like you can get your kicks from personally attacking people you don’t even know. How tolerant and sophisticated!

  5. RRB said

    Foospro86, I agree with your comment. Such intolerance is completely unnecessary, but, unfortunately, to be expected from those who truly have nothing of value to add to any genuine debate. Hopefully the country will cease to be blindsighted by Obama’s empty rhetoric and realize his inexperience and intolerant nature – coupled with that of his racist wife – will only further damage our tender country. We desperately need a true leader, not a neophite, power-hungry man.

  6. Mary Ann Manning said

    I am not for any candidate — Republican or Democrat — who does not believe in supporting the “common good.” The three elements of the common good are respect for life, well-being and development, and peace. Obama, who by the way has had not quite five months of experience in our Illinois Senate, is one of two choices for the most powerful political position in our world. I do not know of many professions that would select as a finalist for a high-powered position a person who has barely even gotten their feet wet in their career. But, politics is different. But, I question a candidate who will by-pass completely the first element of our “common good.” He may decry the deaths of 4,000 soldiers in the Mideast war, but I have to wonder with his callous comments about his two daughters’ “choice” to secure an abortion in the future if “need” (?) be if he even bothers to give any thought to the 4,000 unborn children whose lives are killed each day much less shed a tear.
    I urge all Catholics who may read this to participate in the 54-day Rosary Novena that is to be said from September 11 until Election Day that God will guide the outcome of this election so that it will benefit ALL — unborn and born — His children.
    Thank you, Father Pavone, for having the courage to speak out on this horrible, horrible war that has been waged on our unborn for the past 35 years. May God continue to watch over you and may God have mercy on America.
    Mary Ann

  7. ihateobama said


  8. foospro86 said

    Yes, all you Democrats out there, please vote for a third party! It is the only way!

  9. Toni said

    wow…this guy is scary…



  11. Kenny said

    YES! Obamanation should be a new word in the dictionary which means ‘very poor choice’. The thing that REALLY bothers me, is the press. It just can’t get any more bias and soooo left sided. Not a word about Ayres or his wife Dorhn and his association with said unrepentent radicals. And also
    Obama’s Chicago Community group where it’s documented that they spoke about ‘white racists’. Andddd I’d love to know how the black voters would feel and or say if 90% of whites voted for McCain as they are with Obama. It’s obvious that they are voting stictly by color. I’ve always been an independent when it comes to the day of all elections and I look at all the candidates equally and only then make a decision but this time the Democrats have made my choice easy …. how could anyone ever vote for them and let this country go to hell.

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  15. Stephanie A said

    Obamanation…I love it! I can’t believe he has made it as far as he has. Scary. A person’s past speaks volumes for what they will do in the future. HMMMM……a respected war veteran especially NOW when there is a war going on. I bet McCain’s experience would make it helpful when he is president and making decisions regarding Iraq. Actions speak louder than words…..

  16. Boo said

    Obama scares me, I hope he doesn’t get elected.

  17. g landon said

    Obama and the liberal media are the blind leading the blind.

  18. Sunny.D said

    Obama likes to hear himself talk. He makes pretty speeches and carries on for 20 mins. about something that could have been sufficiently covered in two. Most of the time he just speaks in circles never really saying anything of substance. His followers are like deer caught up in headlights. It is amazing that so many are so easily fooled. He is the scariest and most dangerous Presidential Candidate to ever run for the office. Obama is too inexperienced. Obama has too many connections with unsavory people. Obama’s Muslim upbringing is worrisome. I believe he will be a sitting duck President. I wish I knew what it would take to wake people up to the truth. Obama is not the answer for the USA. Yes we need to make some changes. But to vote Obama, will land us in situations requiring military defense as surely as if we held up a sign that read “come and Get us”

  19. Selfless angel~ said

    First of all McCain voted six times for our air not to be cleaned and our water ten times not to be cleaned. Secondly the only thing everyone keeps repeating is he’s not ready or he’s to young. Stop being mean! Wasn’t it people who fought for our rights and thought about OUR people and call me inmature because i am im only 15 but thats not why im here. I feel as though obama will make a change for the better. Plus he has plenty of experience go look it up. He gave up being a millionaire for mthe ake of helping others. From what iv’e read and seen John McCain is the one trying to destroy America… Do we really want another George Bush?

  20. Kyle Thinker said

    Selfless writes
    MCcain is trying to destroy America? You’ve got to be kidding. Mccain has done nothing but support America his whole life. Obama did not give up anything to “Community Organize” he wrote 2 books, brought in Millions and gave a whopping less than 1% away to charity. He did it for publicity only on the premise to run for President. What does community organizer do anyway? rally against the government mostly. Those communities are still poor, so he didn’t do too much. His decision making is so poor – all his closest friends are terrorists, America Haters, or in jail. His poor judgment is shown when he picked slow Joe Biden. Another loser that does nothing. He turned in his tax returns – in the last 8 years made over 2 million, yet gave away less than $3,500 dollars. 90% of conservatives give away 10% of their income, who really wants to help the poor. Democrats are all talk and disgust me.

  21. YoshA said

    I find your 8th reason to not vote for Obama rather interesting. First of all, McCain has 1/3 chance of not surviving through his very first term, if elected. This means that Sarah Palin has a good chance of being elected. Sarah Palin finally received her Bachelor’s Degree after attending three community colleges, and the University of Idaho. To contrast, Barack Obama graduated from both Columbia University and Harvard Law school. He served in the Illinois Senate from 1997 to 2004 (that’s SEVEN years), and he served in the US Senate from 2005-2008 (that’s three years, not two.) Sarah Palin has been governor of Alaska for two years. Alaska’s total population does not even equal that of a modern day metropolitan city.
    However, I do give Sarah Palin “props” due to her third place victory in the Miss Alaska beauty pageant… while Barack Obama was a professor at the University of Chicago Law school.
    And, let’s admit, she does give the “average soccer mom” hopes to become something more…perhaps president of the United States of America? She is an absolute disgrace, and so is McCain for choosing her.

  22. YoshA said

    ps: I personally have more foreign policy experience than Sarah Palin. She has been to Mexico and first got a passport at the age of 43. I have been to various impoverished towns and cities in Italy, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, and Japan. And I am much younger Palin.


  23. YoshA said

    Dear “Kyle Thinker”,
    I am afraid that you have been horribly misinformed regarding Barack Obama’s charitable habits. It is true that in 2006 and 2007 he did give more to charity than in previous years, but this is because he began to gain higher political positions, and thus had more money. The following link is to his tax return numbers as well as Hilary Clinton’s.

    Isn’t it ironic that while many Republicans are calling Obama an “elitist”, his wife spent only $150 on her outfit for the DNC… Cindy McCain wore a $300,000 outfit at the RNC. Her family business is worth near $200 million, and she absolutely refuses to release HER tax returns? When asked how many houses he owned, McCain replied that he would have to “get back to” the reporter because he was not exactly sure.

  24. Cindy said

    personally i think that all the people voting for him are complete idiots.
    he is bad for our country!
    the only reason he is gonna win is cause of majority vote. the people that dont even know what he stands for just a want a first black president.
    well anyway theres alot of rumors that he’s gonna be assassinated or theres gonna be a lot of destruction in the u.s. if he is president.
    i hope neither happen.

  25. YoshA said

    Cindy: DID YOU JUST READ WHAT I WROTE? “People that don’t even know what he stands for”???? I just told you exactly why I do not agree with McCain!

  26. Unknown guy said

    Sure Obama says hes going to do good things! Sure McCain says he is going to do good things. Now yes McCain has war experience and is a American to the bone! Sure Obama is afraid of guns and war! But lets not judge people for what they stand for or what they say for once, lets judge them by the people they associate with. So what kind of friends does Obama have? And what kind of friends does McCain have? You tell me that 🙂

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  28. STEVE said


  29. DC said

    10 reasons is all you have? Here’s 100 reasons, backed up by facts, for not voting for McCain.

  30. cann0nba11 said

    I’m actually fine with the press promoting Palin’s beauty contestant time (she entered to get a scholarship). When Obama was the same age as Palin in this contests he was drinking and snorting coke.

    Come visit my blog for more conservative rants from me, a 40-something dude just trying to save America one mind at a time. 🙂

  31. cann0nba11 said


    Nice hatchet job with your list of McCain hatred. Perhas you should read it sometime. I just picked one out of the list to dispute your bullcrap. McCain opposed a no torture bill:

    the disputed provision would end the CIA’s alternative interrogation program, which he said is lawful, invaluable and does not involve torture. He added that the CIA should not be required to follow military regulations for interrogations. Requiring the CIA to follow the Army Field Manual would allow terrorists to know what kind of techniques will be used against them, Bond added.

    “The reason they are not disclosed is because everything in the Army Field Manual is republished in the al-Qaida manuals for all of the upper tier al-Qaida members to study, and they will be totally ineffective against them,” Bond said.

    The rest of your list is crap too. There’s not a web site big enough to hold the list of Obama quotes of anti-American harmful crap that he as spewed.

  32. OverPeopleWhoVoteOnlyDueToColor said

    I’m over people who will only vote for Obama due to him being a good black man! Please don’t just vote because of his color. I’m glad that he is opening doors for all races; but check out his votes in the Senate, his friends, etc. Please remember that a wolf can be in sheep’s clothing.

  33. Jeff said

    Please email me more information

  34. Jacob said

    Attention Women voters!!! Does Obama believe the things he tells the American people or does he tell you what you want to hear? Example: Obama made this statement to the American people… “They can take for granted that Women can do anything that the boys can do, and do it better- and do it in heels” If he really beleived in that… Why didnt he pick Hillary for Vice President nomination? Apparently… he didnt think she could “do it better and do it in heels”

  35. Katie said

    Can someone who is of liberal mind explain why murdering innocent children is tolerated, but the situation in Darfur is considered genocide? Also, can you explain why in a car accident, if a pregnant woman is hit and her child dies it is considered double vehicular homicide, but if the same woman was not injured she could have an abortion the next week with zero accountability? This isn’t a moral issue, it is common sense. Why do most liberal people think animals are treated poorly, but support murder of human beings? Democrats, you claim it is because they are unborn. BECOME EDUCATED ABOUT THE MAN YOU SUPPORT. Read what Obama believes about abortion, please.

  36. Hellen said

    Obama and his John F Kennedy pose… Take a good look! Investigate John F Kennedys background or his family members on civil rights for ALL Americans. Then take a look at Obamas background or his family in civil rights for ALL Americans. It is quite the contrary. Investigate the stance of pastor Jeremiah Wright, His church, Does this groups ideology relect the common needs of All Americans? Look at the actions and involvement of Obama with various groups (who were they? and what did they stand for?) Do the same with the Kennedys. Then evaluate. John F Kennedy didnt become concerned about All Americans when it was beneficial for him to do so… It was his lifestyle. No comparison!!!

  37. Clyde said

    I love reading things like this. Let me start of by saying I am not democrat or am I republican. I like to consider my self independent. No not third party but an independent thinking. One that takes time to investigate what is and was said for the truth. In this day and age, its easy. Every thing that happens in congress is almost available to the public if you look in the right spot. To gain knowledge from such post as these is ridiculous

    Obama has ties to x y and x. McCain has ties to a, b and c. Here is an interesting thought for some of you. Why dont you do a little research to find out where did the Iraq government get their weapons from.. where did the Taliban get their weapons from. Google people like Oliver North who supplied certain thing to certain governments who we are now fighting. In 1983 McCain though Oliver North was his best friend. Now our solders die by the weapons that they provided to the enemy You guys sit and say ” I’m scared of obama. when he was 8 year old he knew so and so. these people are terrorist. Please. We , under a lie, invaded a country who did not want us, to liberate them from something they did not want to be liberated from , to force our ways and government on them in which they simply do not want. Define terrorist.

    Most of you all here are so naive . This stuff that going on, didnt start with Obama or McCain, this stuff started so so long ago. Its now just catching up to us and it caught us with our pants down. McCain is still thinking along the lines of if we throw money at it, things will get better. If it doesn’t then we throw bullets and missiles at it. Such n old way of thinking. Its this mentality that got us to where we are.

    Read you constitution as what it take to become the president of the united states. get off your lazy buts and do some fact finding. If you are reading this you have the internet.. hmm make Google your friend and get on real web sites .. ones that say .gov.. a myspace or forum page will get you nothing but tired rants on idiots

    Another thing I love is th ads. Obama voted against finacially supporting troop. Sure he did. the bill was rediculous as to how they wanted to supply troops. the men n women who are in the trenches would have gotten nothing. What he voted for was a revised bill that support ground troop.. like given them batteries. hmm they need batteries for their night vision to work .. and simple things.. like fresh socks and better armor and gear that actually helps them instead of spending it of crap like more wine for the general tabele.

    Like i said this stuff is open to the public.. again at the any .gov sites hmm..

    We need to get rid of this two party system and the garbage that flies from it. That’s the biggest and worst gang in America. Unite. Fix America and then protect her and every thing she stands for.

  38. sam said

    Clyde, since you wrote on this .com page, yours must be one of the “tired rants” you despise. A little self loathing perhaps?

  39. Clyde said

    none of the above… just a guy waiting for his paint to dry. beside.. i never said I despise any thing.. read again

  40. Margaret said

    Another reason not to vote for Obama:
    Another Obama/Muslim connection.

  41. Demi said

    Selfless angel~ excuse me? change better? woah now. you know what obama wants? to give people money who dont work and take money away from people who do work! he wants to HIGHER taxes. and everytime i get behind someone at the store who use welfare BEER and TWINKIES are in their cart. also. religion is becoming more and more outta the picture. people forget that the people who came to the americas wanted religious freedom. now they are taking “under god” outta the pledge of the flag?? what is up with that? and no honey. he dont have experience. he served as a state senate. its you freaking democrats who want everyone to become quaker. no guns? my mom and mr dad both carry a gun at all times. my grandpa is a pastor and we go to church every sunday. what happens if someone tries to rape my mom? she would have no defence against her. why is it when a black guy kills a white man its is not looked at as a hate crime but when a white man kills a black man it is? im saying i can just picture black people saying “ah man. we got a brotha in the house now.” im not raciest in anyway. i am friends with atleast 6 black people. obama says the same things over and over. im only 13 by the way

  42. Barney said

    Just a couple questions!!! Why is it that topics like New World Order and N.A.F.T.A. are not brought up in the debates or by either parties? How are these two topics affecting America? Are we still America as we once knew it? Are Obama and McCain for this New World Order? Did we have a president once that was in opposition to this New World Order? Was he killed in Dallas Tx 1963? These commercials that asks… who is on your side? Democrates or Republicans? What do they really mean? Who does the Federal Reserve Bank belong to? America maybe?

  43. tj said

    I have read the listings above and see that we all need some history all I have to say is who will stop the american holicost of abortion?????

    Who will stop the atak on christians and thier fight againts an emoral country.

    Who will take condomes out of public schools and tell our kids when outside of parental sight that there is a place for sex and time? in Marrage only

    Who is going to take the moneny from countries that do not like Americans and give it back to America?

    Who is going to comitt to becoming energy indipendent?

    Who will stand against wrong doing even if it is in thier own party?


    Obama has changed so many times on important issues that he will do our country no good.

  44. Brittney said

    Ok…He is of muslim decent….AND MANY REASONS WHY YALL CALL HIM MUSLIM IS BECAUSE MOST PEOPLE DO NOT WANT TO SEE A BLACK PRES.YALL JUST DONT WANT TO SAY THE TRUTH…He only saw his father one month in his life…His is a christian and was brought up christian…and its does not say anywhere in our constitution that you have to be a christian yall need to get the facts before you call him muslim. That is false. and if he was i am sure he would have told the truth about it, yall need to stop bashing and have peace in your hearts cause the way our country is going it dont need another “GEORGE W. BUSH”
    And i know mccain is not him but it would be like another four years with this no good doing pres. Peace and Love!

  45. Margaret said

    Another reason not to vote for Obama: Vera Baker. Google Obama + Vera Baker and see what you find.

  46. Jon said

    All I can say is lets out vote those ignorant Obama supporters. Tell everyone you know who is leaning towards Obama about this. Especially tell those who have no clue about who to vote for.


  47. Amanda said

    I just saw this on I have the utmost respect for this man and sticking to his beliefs instead of voting the way the media THINKS he should.

  48. jj said

    i go with 9 of them except number 4 that is racists he is not muslim his grandfather is yes but he isnt i am a muslim thats why i dont like

  49. Lockwood said

    i really hope people read and learn more about Obama before chosing him as your president…People hes gonna ruin our country and he doesnt cross his heart when he pledges allegence to this country.ur pledging to our country not just to our god…….im from illinois he was 90 days a senator before he announced his canidancy for president..and he hasnt done anything great or chage for our state…so what makes u think hes gonna change our country? ..oh wait and no expierence…oh wait and he was for the war oh but now he says he never has been….please obama ur a bad rash that we cant get rid fast enough… people i hope you make the right choice….when he knows countries are going to challenge us and he wants to take away our weapons? what an idiot lets pray for our countries sake that people make the right desicion…..I’m voting MCCAIN PALIN…….

  50. Mark said

    Ok, let me help all of you blind Obama followers out of the dark and lets look at what Obama is promising. Lets start with his tax plan. Last time i checked, this wasn’t a country run on socialism. Obama plans to give tax breaks to every American making under $250,000 a year. Yet, he is going to increase tax rates on everyone above that mark. Stealing from the rich and giving to the poor. And, the average tax break for each American, anyone know??? Only $500. Possibly up to $1000. Obama followers, you would change our whole entire economy for $500? if so, why are you here? You want National pride? Just look at John McCain. McCain gave his life for this country, while Obama sat back and watched. Also, Obama has admitted associations with terrorist! You guys have got to be kidding me. You would put a man, who is Friends with several different racist, radicals, and terrorist, in control of our country! Everyone is blind. The only reason people like Obama is because they don’t like bush and Obama stands up there and screams change, change, change. Change is right, where there is a new economic age of socialism, and where the president of the United states of America associates with terrorist who have admitted attacking it. You go ahead and trust him if you want, but, try to look past his little magic show, and see the real magician and the truth behind all of his words.

  51. Impkat said

    Ugh, this is utterly tiring.

    First off, I’d like to say that I’m an Independent (Or at least I was before this election). I have views that pertain to both parties, like I’m anti-abortion, but pro-gay.
    Secondly, most people seem to be getting their information from biased media productions, such as CNN, the National Enquirer, and COMEDY CENTRAL for crying out loud. Now, go ahead and say I’m making this up or something, but I’m not. I’m currently a senior in high school, judge me if it makes you feel better, but I hear what everyone says, what they say their parents listen to, who the teachers are supporting. They don’t know the facts, just what is shoved down their throats by the media. Not many are actually going out of their ways to look these things up. Now, I’ve actually had people tell me that they are going to vote for Obama just because he’s black or just because they hate Bush. Is humanity this far over?
    And lastly, what can we do? Democrats are going to vote for Obama simply because he’s a democrat. Simple as that. Republicans will do the same. Personally, I’m just sick of Fox being the only station that isn’t biased. Yeah yeah, I know some demi will say that Fox is in for McCain, but have you actually WATCHED Fox? And I don’t mean on YouTube. Bill O’Reily bashes and praises both sides when they do something stupid. If you go onto any other channel all they do is praise how freakin great Obama is and how lame McCain and Palin are.

    One suggestion I have for people is to switch between channels. Get both sides of the story. Don’t limit yourself to, let’s say, SNL.


  52. So what happens if Obama wins? I highly doubt anything significant will change. It will be nice when we all can be friends again after this election. Lets face it, presidential politics are designed to divide us into one of two camps. Each candidate will spout truths, half truths and utter false statements, and we eat it all up in each news cycle, then we come online and mock one another.

    I’m sorry, just my thoughts. I really enjoyed your list and now I’ll go Google the top ten reasons not to vote for McCain and leave a similar comment.

    Hope all is well!


    you should take a look at this

  54. it’s labeled

    100 reasons not to vote for mccain

  55. jay said

    I think more research should be done before anyone calls Obama a terrorist, no this does not mean I support him, but that’s the biggest insult I hear in his case. So is every Muslim a terrorist? and just because he has friends that are from a revolutionary group (from the 60s as I read somewhere on this site) doesn’t mean he’s a terrorist, if it did than everyone from the revolutionary war was a terrorist. I’m not going to go for the ‘communist’ idea either, that whole Idea was 1950s-1990s, then we switched to ‘terrorist’. McCarthy (aka McCarthyism) went around calling whoever he disliked communist and these people would be prosecuted and jailed, even when there was no proof. so now all we need is someone to go around calling people terrorist so they can be looked up.. maybe it’ll be Bushism? or wait, even better! McCainism! but to tell you the truth I’m not voting for either of these guys.

    • Austin said

      your an idiot my gah what has he done? sending more troops over in the war? giving (not free) health care to illegals, which we the real tax payers will have to deal with. Since the so called president wont pledge to our flag or our country i find it hard to even think sbout voting for him. So may God be with us all, and more importantly you people who voted for him

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  57. Marnie said

    Watch 1995 Obama video where HE ATTACKS WHITE PEOPLE!

  58. Mark said

    If Obama wins the white house its because people voted him in. And because billionaire oprah is his cash cow. with out oprah’s money nobody would have even heard of this guy. McCain should win the white house because he has the experience to get the job done, on the other hand I find it offensive that he picked a women as vice president, God clearly says that no women should be head over a man. and what does she no or Obama no about being commander and chief of the armed forces

    God Bless
    Mark Pfeltz

  59. think harder america said

    in no particular order, this is obama in general.

    1. obama supports acorn funding.
    2. his connections. they are terrorist.
    3. he told the middle east not to negotiate with us til he is president.
    4. he is a socialist
    5. he is socialist
    6. did i mention he is socialist?
    7. he is going to take away incentive for big business
    8. he is not a patriot
    9. he is going to continue unnecessary programs
    10. he has no energy plan
    11. health care goes back to being a socialists. universal health care fails. ask the countries who have it.
    12. he is a liar

  60. JustAnotherAmerican. said

    Does anyone know who controls the news media? What happened to unbiased reporting and programming? It should be no great revalation to anyone the favor of the democratic party in the media. I have not heard one thing from the media about Joe Biden. Who is Joe Biden? The media is too occupied with its attack on the republican party to inform the American people of his back ground. Unless hes just like the rest of us with a spotless past! With this biased coverage the media has presented the American people we should be asking (who are these people and what is their background???) This type of coverage and sway is no less dangerous then the coverage of the gulf war (when the media inadvertantly supplied the opposition with location coordinates of the U.S. troops.) Id like to hear some unbiased reporting and some facts (good and bad in both parties) How can the American people even make a sound choice with these conditions as they currently exsist? What is the differance between todays media and the media of nazi Germany WW2? Unbiased reporting does not fuel the media so… i dont know!!! from: just another American that dont know.

  61. Rosie said

    number 5 comment back to you is spoken like a true extreme liberal. As soon as they disagree, they resort to name calling and nastiness-because it’s all they know.

    I agree with you on all ten of these reasons. There are so many more.
    I am sorry to say, we are going to find out just a bit too late.

  62. obamasuportor said

    wow you must have sat down at your television and watched some McCane adds all these things you have said are all in fear becuase you are a moreon and people like you should read up on the issues becuase that is what an election is about not about what you hear or what some one told you or what the that add just said its about just taking to read up on the facts take an hour or two to see what these two have done and there past and what they are saying now i have sat down at my computer for an hour and i have got a good idea who i think i should vote for and i hope most people can find the time to read the facts instead most people will just watch tv or belive what their friend told them that and that is what is going to ruin our country is the people like that that get the right to vote and dont even take the time to see what they are voting for

  63. Laura said

    Obama is going to win regardless of what y’all have to say. I’m not even voting for him OR Mccain, but guess what? You might as well get over your million reasons not to vote for Obama. Why? Because no one is going to vote for a 72 year old man, who has chosen a complete idiot for vice president, that just makes her ONE step closer to being the president of the united states. That’s one step too many, people. What’s the average male life expectency? 65-70? Well, he’s 2 year over the line. basically voting for Mccain is voting for Sarah Palin for president. McCain is George Bush with a couple of extra pounds. But like I said, I’m not voting for either. But Obama is going to win, plain and simple.

  64. Victoriana said

    Wow. Obama is a man that, once he becomes president, he will approve a bill saying that there are to be no restrictions on abortion. 12 year old girls don’t have to tell their parents that they are pregnant, or are going to go and kill their baby. Is that right??? No. For all of those parents out there: how would you like to have your daughter have the RIGHT to go and kill a baby, and not talk to you about it? Shouldn’t that be something that you want to talk to them about???

    Abortion is murder. Murder is illegal. Why should our government allow us to kill babies, who are helpless, and yet allow us to kill people that are outside of the womb.

    Obamasuportor needs to learn how to spell. If you are going to trash someone, you should probably know how to spell their name!!!! His name is spelled “McCain”. And if you are going to describe someone that you disagree with, you should spell “moron.” We don’t get all of this stuff from the television. I get it from my Anatomy and Physiology class. A baby’s heart starts beating on the 22nd DAY. And it is legal to KILL them until the 22 WEEK of their development.


    Don’t support or vote for a president that will legalize murder!!

    I am 16, and as of today, there are 27 girls pregnant at my school. 27. That could be 27 innocent children MURDERED because it would be INCONVENIENT.

    Two wrongs don’t make a right.

    VOTE MCCAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  65. John Bork said

    thats bullshit and you know nothing

  66. YesWeCan said

    You redneck idiots. You sit on your lay-z-boy all day long drinking beer and watching tv and you think you’re qualified to choose our President? First of all, 70% of the Ten Reasons are complete lies you dumb asses believe because you’re not smart enough to know the difference between a fact and a tv commercial. You idiots all need to shut up if you actually believe this bullshit. I hope Barack is elected and taxes you on everything and I hope you all move away because you can’t stand it, you ignorant racists.

  67. Memphis said

    “YesWeCan” It sounds like you are the racist. Anyone who uses their race as a crutch or excuse is racist. You say you hope Obama is elected and taxes the hell out of everyone. That must meen you are one of those lazy worthless ass holes that do not have a job, and live off of our tax money.

  68. Steve said

    8 reasons not to vote for mccain

    1 he is oldddddd!!!! and will probally die before the inaugral speech swear in

    2 off shore drilling is really bad for the ocean and will kill lots of reefs and sea life

    3 he only cares about rich people because his wife is rich and is giving them things that poor people and middle income people need that the rich already have,

    4 Mccain supports bush… what idiot would do that?

    5 yeahh, mccain might have experience, but the experience will all go to waste with what the world will look like after he is done with it

    6 john mccain dosnt care enough about the school systems and our children’s education

    7 he’ll spend billions on the war a week but when asked to spend a couple billion on healh care for the whole nation, it was all of a sudden “too much”

    8 Sarah Palin dosent support abortion, but when her daughter is pregnet, she offers her the choice to get an abortion

    haha the only valid reason to vote for the republicans is so that Tina Fey will keep playing sarah palin on SNL

  69. […] agenda (Fox News). Obama chose a racist pastor, out of all the pastors he chose a racist one (10reasons). He was also mentored by a communist for ten years (10reasons). His […]

  70. Victoriana said

    If I look up to the previous statements, I don’t think that Obama has been degraded in any way. Nobody has said ANYTHING about him being African American. I am African American, and why the hell would I be racist to my own kind??? That doesn’t make any sense. You all need to stop acting like you know everything about everyone that is posting stuff on here, because unless you stalk them, you really don’t know what kind of furniture they have in their houses, or what kind of beverages they drink.

    All of you Obama supporters have been SORELY MISINFORMED. I would vote for Obama, IF HE DIDN’T SUPPORT A CULTURE OF DEATH. Obama talks the talk. He SAYS that he will make change, and he SAYS that he will drop taxes. He SAYS that he will make America better. But all that Obama can really do is give speeches. That’s it. He says all of these things that make everyone feel bubbly and happy and hopeful. But will he FOLLOW THROUGH????

    He doesn’t have NEAR the amount of experience that McCain does! We should put someone in the White House that KNOWS our government, KNOWS how to watch out for the parents of the 12 year olds, and KNOWS that America is to be ran on MORE than just words.

  71. Victoriana said

    What do you have to say to that?

  72. Demi said

    no. he is only 6% black! he is 50% white, 43.75% Arabic, and 6.25% black! you guys need to get your facts straight about wut “racist” really is. in his book, “Audacity of hope” Obama says, “I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly position.” you guys say he is a christain, then why will he forever stand with the muslims? i think some of YOU need to get YOUR facts straight. Victoriana, you are completly right! at my school some girls thought they would start a club. to be in the club you had to have sex with atleast 5 guys. 4 of the girls got abortions. how sad is that?! a baby that did NOTHING wrong gets its life takin beacuse some teenage girl made the wrong choice. VOTE MCCAIN AND PALIN!!

  73. Random said

    Where is he getting all of this “money” for health care and all this? Hey guys we should totally give all of our money to the poor, lazy people who don’t work. That way we can’t afford nice stuff but they can. You know being lazy totally pays off. (That whole last two sentences was sarcastic by the way).

  74. […] […]

  75. Alyssa said

    I am a high school student who had to write an argumentative paper on anything we wanted. The topic I chose was why we as Americans should not vote for Barack Obama. The information that I have is cited and factual. I did a lot of cross referencing. I think anyone who is undecided or for Barack Obama should read this, and hopefully it will open their eyes.

    Why not to vote for Barack Obama

    The 2008 Presidential Election is right around the corner. Some people are voting for Senator John McCain, some are voting for Senator Barack Obama, and some are still undecided. Choosing one of these men to run our great country should not be taken lightly, but done very carefully. Those voting for Obama and those undecided should take Senator Barack Obama’s stances into consideration.
    One of the many reasons Barack Obama should not be voted for is because of where he stands on abortion. This is a very sensitive issue with many Americans. Not only is Obama pro-choice, he also voted against banning partial-birth abortion which is abortion that can take place after the first trimester in pregnancy up until a day before the baby is delivered. Obama strongly criticized the decision upholding the partial-birth ban by the Supreme Court. He also opposed a bill that would give medical attention to infants mistakenly left alive by abortion in the Illinois state Senate (Washington Post). According to abortionist Dr. Martin Haskell who has performed over 1,000 partial-birth abortions, approximately 80 percent are done for “elective” reasons. Many who are pro-choice might try to argue that the fetus feels no pain at this stage. Professor Robert White, director of the division or neurosurgery and brain research laboratory at Case Western Reserve School of Medicine in Cleveland said “the fetus within this time frame of gestation, 20 weeks and beyond, is fully capable of experiencing pain. Without a doubt, this is a dreadfully painful experience for any such infant subjected to such a surgical procedure.” Abortions and partial-birth abortions are both horrible, but partial-birth abortions are dangerous and horrific. If the woman wanted to have an abortion, why wait until the first trimester is over? If Obama has that little regard for a human life, people need to rethink their support for him. Taking a human life is the worst crime that can be committed.
    Barack Obama wants to “spread the wealth around”. Joe Wurzelbacher, a plumber from Ohio, was playing ball with his son when he saw Obama in his neighborhood (New York Times). Joe, who was considering buying the plumbing company he worked for, approached him and asked him, “Your new tax plan is going to tax me more, isn’t it?” (Joe Wurzelbacher)”. Obama answered, “It’s not that I want to punish your success. I just want to make sure that everybody who is behind you, that they’ve got a chance for success too. My attitude is that if the economy’s good for folks from the bottom up, it’s gonna be good for everybody … I think when you spread the wealth around, it’s good for everybody” (Sen. Barack Obama). “Spreading the wealth around” may sound like a good idea to some, but to others it means not working hard and relying on those with higher incomes for money. We live in America where we have the opportunity to be anything we want to be. Men and women go out, earn money, and are entrapanuers. We should not have a government that takes from one to give to another. Senator Obama contradicts his “spread the wealth around” statement by saying “We need to steer clear of this poverty of ambition, where people want to drive fancy cars and wear nice clothes and live in nice apartments but don’t want to work hard to accomplish these things. Everyone should try to realize their full potential.” (Barack Obama). If America is going to become a country where we spread the wealth around, what would the incentive to work hard be? This is America where anyone can be anything and all they want to be.
    One more reason not to vote for Barack Obama is because of his relationships with radical people. William “Bill” Ayers was a leader of a homegrown terrorist group called Weatherman during the 1960’s. Ayers summed up the ideals of the organization by saying “Kill all the rich people. Break up their cars and apartments. Bring the revolution home. Kill your parents “(Bill Ayers). In his book Fugitive Days Ayers brags that he “participated in the bombings of New York City Police Headquarters in 1970, of the Capitol building in 1971, and the Pentagon in 1972” (Bill Ayers, Fugitive Days). Ayers and Weatherman were responsible for thirty bombings that were aimed at destroying the United State’s defense and security infrastructures. Ayers said in 2001 “I don’t regret setting bombs. I feel we didn’t do enough” (Bill Ayers). In his book Fugitive Days, Bill Ayers said on whether or not he might use bombs against the U.S. in the future, “I can’t imagine entirely dismissing the possibility” (Bill Ayers). Even though Ayers admitted to these attacks by saying he was “guilty as sin, free as a bird”, he could not be charged with anything because of improper surveillance. When Barack Obama decided to run for the Illinois Senate in the 1970’s, Bill Ayers welcomed him into his own home, invited neighbors, and helped launch Obama’s campaign. Bill Ayers joined the Woods Fund of Chicago in 1999 and served as director alongside of Obama. Ayers also made presentations to board meetings which were chaired by Obama, and spoke for the Chicago School Reform Collaborative before Obama’s board. Obama and Ayers are neighbors and Obama has spent time in his home, yet Senator Obama says he does not have a relationship with this man and was “ignorant of Mr. Ayers’ past terrorist acts” (Barack Obama). Is this the kind of man we want as president of the United States? Do we want someone who has a relationship with a former terrorist who wishes he would have done more? This is just one of several radical persons who Barack Obama calls his “friends”. Obama said of these relationships “Frankly, when you live the kind of lifestyle that I have, it’s hard to make friends. You take what you can get, and you don’t ask a lot of questions. These guys are the best I could do.” I would hope that our next president could do better.
    These are just a few of the many reasons as to why we as Americans should not give our vote to Barack Obama. During his campaign, he has not been clear on where he stands and has not been detailed in any of his viewpoints. He has flip-flopped on so many issues that it’s hard to figure out what he stands for. Obama’s main slogan is “change”. Is this change for the better or the worse? The United States of America is the greatest country in the world. Is change really what we want?

  76. mark said

    Barack Obama will be the end to Small Businesses. (Obama Fans please read)
    I am also a high school student who will not be voting for Barack Obama. Alyssa did a wonderful job at showing Obama’s association with terrorist and who his devotion is truly to. Now i would like to discuss his economic plan. First off, his wonderful economic plan, as his followers will say, is going to help the middle class. I have to say that yes, it may help some of the middle class, but it will also destroy small business owners. Now i know that Obama followers are now freaking out as they read this, but lets look at your candidate’s economic plan. Ok, he is going to give tax cuts to small businesses that make under $250,000 a year. But, what he IS NOT telling you that that IS NOT a gross income sum, it is a net income. Now, what that means is that in the whole year, if they make under $250,000, in total, without drawing out business expenses or workers pay, the complete total they make in a year, they will get a tax break, not if the business owners are taking $250,000 in their pockets at the end of the year. Now, there are few, if any, businesses that can get by with only making a total of $250,000 or less a year before they pay their employees and pay for other businesses expenses. Also, Barack Obama wants to raise minimum wage to $9.50 an hour AND Barack Obama will force all businesses to provide complete health care. So the small “Mom and Pop” businesses who are barely making enough to support themselves and can’t even provide health care for themselves, now have to rise all of their employees wages to AT LEAST $9.50 an hour AND provide full health care. Ignorant Obama followers have probably already stopped readying this but for those who continue reading also consider this. If you owned a business, and had to provide full health care for all of your workers when you can’t even afford your own health care, what are you going to do, take the little money you already make and put it towards your workers health care, or just fire the worker? The logical answer is fire the worker, which several businesses will be faced with that decision. This will only result in more job loses. But what about the businesses tax cuts, that should cover the change right? NOT! Lets look at that tax break cut that the middle class shall get. According to the New York Times and several other notable magazines and papers, their tax break will only be $500 to a possible $2,000 a year. So lets say 1 worker works 40 hours a week, at $9.50 an hour, for a full year (52 weeks). ( 40 x $9.50 x 52 =$19760 ) Obama’s tax cut will not even cover 1/19th of 1 workers salary. This worker will receive $2,000 extra from Obama’s tax break, but will lose his job. Is it really worth it. Go try it for yourselves at . Of course, John McCain’s tax break is lower, but it will keep Americans their jobs and keep the foundation of America, the “Mom and Pops” businesses open. But cant the workers who now have lost their jobs go find jobs at major corporations such as Hershey or Wal-Mart? No. This is because all of America’s major corporations are leaving America. This is because the average tax on large businesses in America is 35%. Now why would major corporations stay in America and pay 35% business taxes when they could go to Ireland and pay 11% ? this is the exact reason why John McCain is giving tax cuts to major corporations, to keep American Companies in America. Obama Followers only see it as “making the rich richer” and can not see the underlying cause.

  77. Lauren said

    Sigh…who’s ready for this election to be over *raises hand*. I mean, really…why was I even excited about voting? Petty name calling…digging up “dirt” on each other that isn’t relevant to anything at all. Honestly people…if he had terrorist ties, do you REALLY think he would be where he is at now. Maybe I’m too idealistic about that, who knows? What I do know is that I’m tired of EVERYONE…I’m tired of McCain…I’m tired of Obama…I’m extremely tired of Sarah Palin. I’ve lost the pure excitement I had to vote in this election. Honestly guys…is someone really going to shoot Obama if he wins? Do you really think…and I mean really…he is that bad? You guys seem to be avid researchers…but do you research both sides? Do you know all the dirty little secrets McCain has? Or are you just looking at the color of Obama’s skin..or lets say his middle name, or the fact that he’s running as a Democrat? I wish I could believe you weren’t, but sadly, I’m disillusioned. I am voting though. I’m making my voice heard and voting for the lesser of two evils. Obama. I honestly might have voted for McCain had he not made one HUGE lapse of judgment in my book by choosing Sarah Palin. But…I guess we’ll see. Hope you guys all have a great rest of the day!

  78. Victoriana said

    Demi, thank you for agreeing with me. At my school, they already have a club like that. GJWHF – Girls Just Wanna Have Fun. Nice title isn’t it?? I think that his book, “Audacity of Hope” is interesting, because most of what he writes in there is contradictory: Like what Demi says about him being a “christian” but will side with the Muslims.

  79. mark said

    It’s sad you guys, seriously. Every says there tired of this election, so they are voting for the “logical choice” and choosing Obama. Have you not read anything anybody has been posting. And yes, i have read McCain’s “dirty secrets” and yet no terrorist. But, i know this isn’t going to change anyones mind because you are all so ignorant you don’t bother, you just listen to what the news has spoon fed you. But o well, I am probably just wasting my time by even typing this. It’s strange though, we as independents are required to do research on both candidates, and yet you STILL want to put a man who was almost best friends with a terrorist and now lies and says he has had no associations with him (Bill Ayers) And all of this talk about i hate Palin, WHY????? The only answer i get is because she has no experience, yet she has just as much experience as Obama. Anyone else want to rant a little more on why Palin is s bad?

  80. B said

    This is a VERY nice summary of why NOT to vote for Obama.

    This is the reason why people who do not even understand what’s going on should not vote.

    How can people be so blind…

  81. youngrepublican said

    I’m in my early 20’s and am truly disappointed at the younger generation. They’re voting for OBAMA because he is the popular choice and they really aren’t reading up on the issues. I think what they need to do is google up one of those “Who Should I Vote For” type of websites where they survey you and ask you to take a stand on certain issues and in the end show who you whose beliefs you have in common with. Hopefully, people will give unbiased answers and see that the one they really agree with is McCain. I don’t care that he’s old, it doesn’t lower his credibility. Plus, he’s got Palin- she’s young and fierce! Even though she’s somewhat new to the political scene, I think she’ll do great.


  82. Alyssa said


    I am only 17 and see what you’re talking about all over my high school. It really makes me sick that people that have no clue what’s going on sit here and defend Obama. But then I ask him what he ‘ll do or what he stands for they say “He’s not George Bush” or “He’ll change America” or “We need a black man in the office”. I don’t care if Obama was purple or a rainbow. That should not decide anyone’s vote. I’m also sick of hearing the “McCain is old and will die once he gets elected” reasons. You’re absolutely right. It doesn’t lower his credibility, but it makes him even more qualified with all his years of experience. Palin will do great!

  83. Victoriana said

    I agree with Youngrepublican. The majority of the youth is going to support Obama because he is popular. Whereas McCain may be old, he has more experience in politics. Obama is a talker. Today is the day that will be in the history books of our grandchildren: do we wanna make a choice that will be negative to the future generations of the country?? Demi, you should e-mail me. And any other high schooler that supports McCain.

  84. Victoriana said


  85. Kelly said

    This is judgement day ! Jesus may not be coming but if you vote for Obama the devil sure is!
    He is the antichrist Jesus was waiting for to ruin this world we call home!

  86. Victoriana said

    Alyssa, I LOVED your research. It was so in depth, and all of America needs to hear all of what you mentioned!!! The majority of the things that Obama supporters say about McCain are FALSE. I was sitting in Algebra II the other day, and people were saying that McCain molests little kids, and that his shoulders are messed up, and that he has strippers at his house every night. The things that people are saying are becoming more and more ridiculous. I believe that Obama will not bring anything good to the white house, or to our country, for that matter. Alyssa, you are also right in the fact that all of these Obama supporters support him because – he is cool, and because he has a great tax plan, and even because he is black!!!!! If my parents get promoted to be an owner of a business, then we will be taxed higher than if we were middle class. Shouldn’t Obama be HAPPY for the SUCCESS of “his” country??? That doesn’t make any sense….Let’s not lie: McCain has the FAMILY qualities that America needs to thrive.

    I’m out.

  87. caretaker said

    I guess we should all be ready for another tax raise. If people can only see what i see everyday at work…people who doesn’t contribute to the society (what? 1/3 of the population doesn’t pay tax?) will now have extra cash from guess who… if you want a person not to get hungry, atleast teach him to fish, not get somebody elses fish. Whoopss gotta go, lots of welfare people are partying right now, drunk and waiting for me because they need some medical attention, oh and who pays for it…

  88. pablo said

    i completely agree with you obama will make the WORST president ever and all you people saying other wise get a fricken brain and you might understand he is going to destroy america

  89. Cathy said

    I believe in a womans, or anyones right to choose their own destiny and let them face whatever consequences religious or moral they reap. I had a child at a very young age myself and don’t think I could ever consider abortion but I only knew how I felt until challenged with a real life proposition.

    You didn’t mention gun control – why is this a bad thing? You have such a massive problem in the US with gun related violence that Europe and Canada does not have….this is because we don’t have so many guns, and we are quite safe (by the way I live in Northern Ireland)! Do yourselves a favour and get rid of them!

    I think we should all aim for unilateral disarmament and concentrate on making friends not enemies…..and don’t underestimate your unpopularity as a country within Europe it’s not just the middle east and asia that find your foreign policies antagonistic and agressive.

    It would also make a nice change for the US President to talk to hostile dictators instead of imposing them!!!!

    All this said I believe that you have made the right choice in your new President, I wish we had such an electrifiying political leader to vote for!

  90. […] if you voted for oboma please read this 10 Reasons NOT to vote for Obama Conservative Colloquium […]

  91. Victoriana said

    McCain lost the election. I am deeply disheartened. However, he had more poise and grace than the majority of the people at my school. He talked about not wanting the country to be divided over the presidential election. He spoke of brotherhood.

    I have mentioned this more than once, and I think that these next four years are going to be very hard on us financially.

    What have we done???

  92. Dante said

    It shocks me that my country voted for this moron! He clearly bought the election, and needed to cheat to do that, ie: ACORN and taking the votes from our troops. If you gave me a 6 to 1 funding advantage I could get a lamp elected president. He outspent McCain 3 to 1 in Virginia, and he needed to cheat to take the state. He actually bought 30 minutes on the National Barrack Channel (NBC), which cost several million dollars. How did he get that much money??? Oh wait, it was all from CHINA!!!

  93. david said

    no it was all from OPRAH

  94. david said

    Like the Mayan Calendar predicts….the world is coming to and end…and OBAMA is another reason why is more likely….

  95. Spencer said

    It is a blessing that Obama won, Republicans are Nazis.

  96. foospro86 said

    Hate to break it to you Spencer, but Nazism (and fascism in general) was merely a heretical form of socialism (national socialism). It is of the Left, not the Right. If liberals had any sense of history, they would realize what an absurd accusation that is.

  97. Getoverit said

    Get over it McCainites. OBAMA won and there is nothing you can do about but to deal with it. You should have run for president if you feel that strongly about the situation. I don’t think it will be no worse than it is now…jobs are being losed, houses are being forclosed, hundreds are being killed in war and so much more. He won he’s in there and he didn’t just get there millions voted for him. The turn out was great. He won the popular vote and the electoral vote. That goes to show you, Americans want change. Yes we do,”yes we can.” Past presidents had there place in history with scandles, lying, cheating, women and so much more. Were they right for the job? No body is perfect. If there was a perfect one, he would be president and not OBAMA. Oh, I forgot McCainites are perfect… GET OVER IT!!!!!

  98. James said


    How dumb can you get? Nazism is a right-wing movement, always has been. You could scream perfectly well that Socialism is approaching communism, but what you are saying is a blatant falsehood.

    If Communism and Nazism are supposed to be nearly equal (according to you, they’re both far-left, authoritarian movements), then how exactly did Hitler exterminate his greatest rivals, the Communists (after he got elected). Why did they invade the Soviet Union, according to you their natural ally? Why did they not team up with a fellow-left wing regime against democracy?

    Go look up “Fascism” in an encyclopaedia, not a blog. There you’ll find slightly less delusion.

    And read a book while you’re at it.

  99. foospro86 said

    James, you are the one deluded and enslaved to the conventional wisdom rather than going back and looking at the history for yourself:

  100. James said

    OH YES! Conventional wisdom!

    As in, what 99% of the world, excluding the US, believes in.

    I’m a history

    Do not try and substantiate a point with a link to this or any blog post. I find blogs to be the largest source of lies next to Republicans as a whole.

    Your leading argument in the other post is that the Nazi’s chose the name National Socialist German Worker’s Party. Ooh, scary!

    A small matter you might like to note was that being left wing was “in” at the time. Socialists were seen as having stood up for the rights of workers, hence the popularity of, for instance, the German communist party.

    Mussolini’s father read him passages from “Das Kapital”? Seems a bit strange. I’ve read it, and I wouldn’t read it to any kid, it’s too dense. If you’d said “The Communist Manifesto”, then perhaps we could have an agreement.

    Besides, he viewed Socialism as having been a failure by 1918, check this (from the University of San Diego). He murdered his leading Socialist opponent.

    Besides, you have entirely ignored my previous post. Scared of the facts?

  101. foospro86 said

    Why won’t you just address and attempt to counter the historical points made in my other blog post? You are the one who is running away from a discussion of facts.

    “I wouldn’t read Das Kapital to any kid, so Mussolini’s father didn’t read it to Benito!” Wow, do you know how to form a cogent argument? Are you, the Almighty James, the basis of whether anything is true historically?

    “Ooh, scary!” is not a counter-argument. The popularity of the Left at the time only supports my claim that fascism arose out of the Left.

    Just because there was conflict between fascism and communism doesn’t mean that there was any significant difference in their philosophies. Do the phrases “schism,” “civil war,” and “internecine conflict” mean anything to you? You must be puzzled that Christians, Protestant and Catholic, “natural allies,” actually fought against each other for hundreds of years too. Same within Islam too.

    The only difference between communism and fascism is that the former was internationalist and the latter was nationalist. Thus Mussolini and Hitler merely changed the geographic orientation of socialism, nothing more.

  102. James said

    Communism and Fascism have a number of similar traits. You are seeing the political spectrum as a line, rather than a plane. Communism and Fascism are both technically “collectivist” movements, where society was placed over the individual.

    Fascism, however, was a movement based in nationalism, which itself has no intellectual basis. Most leading historians call Nazism a “Nordic myth”. Communism, by contrast, was an intellectual movement based on the works of Marx and Engels.

    You also skirt across a number of rather important issues. Key to both Socialism and Communism is the fact that society is classless, and all are considered equal. In fascism, by contrast, there are clear (ultra-conservative), classes. The warrior class is placed highest, followed by the working class, with homosexuals and Jews making up the bottom layers.

    Also, if you look at Nazi Germany, as well as Hitler himself, you’ll find that he was hardly a Socialist. True, there were a number of public-work programmes started, such as the Autobahn (which Hitler needed for quick troop movements), but not on the scale of a Communist nation.

    Am I the source of all historical truth?
    No. I’m an eighteen-year old who has applied to the British equivalent of Ivy league schools (Cambridge, York, etc…), for history, and has already received offers from a number of them. Just out of interest, the degree I’m applying for is in History.
    So I think I know a what I’m talking about, as I don’t get my information from either a blog or the delusions of my own mind.

  103. foospro86 said

    Now that’s more like it. At least, you are making arguments now. There is a reason my blog is called a “colloquium.”

    I’m not sure how you can say that nationalism and racialism was anti-intellectual AT THAT TIME. Science is was the strongest support of racialism back then, thanks to Darwin and his successors. There were many Nazi scholars whose sole purpose was to justify Nazism, including Heidegger.
    It was all crap but that doesn’t mean that intellectuals of the time didn’t embrace these ideas. Same thing happens today….

    Actually, Nazism exploited the rhetoric of classlessness too. And just like the other leftist ideologies, in practice, there is ALWAYS a class system still: those who equalize and those who are equalized.
    See here:,+classless+society&source=web&ots=xVC2O-kBCK&sig=Ss7v9TnA8B7vq238iBRgAxlyt9k&hl=en&sa=X&oi=book_result&resnum=4&ct=result

    Excuse me, but when did public-work programs become a policy tenet of the Right?! Again, you are merely making my point for me that Hitler was socialist in his economic philosophy. The Nazi regime controlled the German economy for its own purposes, make no mistake about it. It was not a free market. And did you even look at my other blog post that cites the platform of the Nazi Party?!

    All your counter-arguments fall flat. Why don’t you shift this conversation to the other blog post? That is, if you have any retorts left.

  104. Grant said

    Are you kidding me. #4 you call him a muslim, and then in #2 you say he was a corrupt Christian by being mentored by Jerimiah Wright. Pick one, he can’t be two religions. Just totally ridiculous.

  105. foospro86 said

    #4 says “Muslim apostate.” An apostate is someone who leaves a religion! So I did NOT call him a Muslim. Pick up a dictionary now and then, please.

  106. […] some listeners, no doubt, would view them as legitimate reasons to vote against Obama. Here’s another shorter list if you […]

  107. BigReb said

    Broken Promises of Barack Obama

    1.Make Government Open and Transparent

    2.Make it “Impossible” for Congressmen to slip in Pork Barrel Projects

    3.Meetings where laws are written will be more open to the public (republicans/conservatives shut out)

    4.No more secrecy

    5.Public will have 5 days to look at a Bill

    6.You’ll know what’s in it (even most Democrats didn’t know)

    7.We will put every pork barrel project online

    Obama and the Demorats are trashing our country and if you don’t believe it your not paying attention. WE THE PEOPLE are coming and we WILL take our Country back. Obama and the Demorats will be on the outside looking in, wondering, “Wha hoppened”

  108. Onstanleyon said

    This really is drivel. Obama doesn’t support infanticide. You lot are worse than our Politicians in the UK. Potty, the lot of you !

  109. Hello there. Thank you. I visit it regularly to see the newest articles. Very helpful writing.

  110. I usually don’t ordinarily post on many Blogs, yet I just has to say thank you… keep up the amazing work. Ok unfortunately its time to get to school.

  111. I don’t agree with everything in this piece, however do make some brilliant points. Im definitely interested in this matter and I myself do alot of study as important. Possibly way utterly was a ideal thoughtout and terrific by doing and so i figured I’d leave you a comment. Look definitely to identify my world wide web sometime and allow me know every thing think.

  112. Stephen said

    You are inventing hate. About 3-4 of them are genuine concerns. The rest is bull-****. Its the typical, don’t know, don’t like attitude. Meeting with radical leaders? Yea, no Presidents should do that (sarcasm). That is what is wrong with America right now. Too much, “our way or the highway” attitudes. We can’t be unresponsive and aggressive to every nation on Earth. It’s called diplomacy you idiots. And the old classic. Obama is Muslim!! Priceless. You even contradicted yourself, by saying a point about his pastor (which has no effect on how he can rule the nation, but whatever), who is Christian!!!!! P.a.s.t.o.r. Seriously, some people need to get their heads out of their asses, switch off Fox News, and actually take an interest in the actual values, and actual policies the man has.

  113. Xena said

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  114. All I know is that I work at a large Pharmaceutical company in Clayton NC and I support Barack Obama with all my being. I encourage all my friends and colleagues to say yes for Obama in 2012!! I LOVE YOU OBAMA

  115. […] 10 Reasons to not vote for Obama: […]

  116. […]… […]

  117. Chris said

    This should be rename 10 reason Not to vote for Obama if your a racist and white

  118. Laura said

    It is July 2012. This information is very interesting. Americans were aware of so much and voted this idiot in office?

  119. […] 10 Reasons NOT to vote for Obama […]

  120. oh look it is 2016 and your projections appear to be totally unfounded ..

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