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2 Responses to “Catholic Social Teaching and Political Conservatism (2)”

  1. n8 said

    it is an important distinction, charity and justice, yes.
    but with that said, if you read the papal quotes i gave as a basis, and simple political philosophy as basis as well, justice sometimes demands intervention, for basic access to the earth’s bounty, in some situations, where a hardcore conservative would call it ‘charity’ warranted. ensuring a person has enough to live, who is in good faith trying etc, is not a matter of charity, it’s a matter of justice.
    the popes say it, and it’s good common political sense, to me.
    that said, i agree with all else, pure socialism is always bad. pure capitalism depsnds on the situation, whether it’s bad (in the government needs to intervene sense), and even when it is, it’s not mostly bad as is socialism.

  2. foospro86 said

    There is no “earth’s bounty.” Goods and services do not just appear magically to be divided up. There is only the labor of people and their consequent fruits. Justice is allowing people to keep the fruits of their labor and trade them as they see fit, taking from them only what is necessary for the common good (national defense, maintenance of courts, etc.). Justice is nothing more or less as far as government is concerned.

    Government cannot determine whether a person is “in good faith trying.” No, government is a series of forms, protocols, procedures, bureaucracy, etc. It is impersonal and does not get to know anyone. It cannot speak to the spiritual poverty that lies behind most material poverty. Why do you pretend that government can do what a community or church can do? Such pretension has been more harmful over the decades than you can imagine. Oblivious do-gooder who does not see the harm left in the wake of false and farcical “compassion.”

    Social justice, as a matter of charity, has nothing to do with government intervention. It may have everything to do with pricking the conscience of the indifferent or ignorant wealthy, but it has nothing to do with using the sword of government to redistribute goods and services.

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