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Born Gay Hoax: Born Straight

Posted by Tony Listi on October 1, 2007


Chapter 4

Born Straight

“I wasn’t born gay; I chose it. Eyes wide open and mind wide
I saw the potential and decided…”

Lesbian Comedian, Mimi Freed, Advocate, 6-1-93

The testimony of nature is clear, by definition; all men have male sex organs, designed by nature to fit the sex organs of females, not other males. Therefore, if some men develop sexual desires for other men rather than for women, it is clear that however they developed those desires, they are contrary to their natural physical provision.
Just think, wouldn’t we consider it unnatural if someone had perfectly healthy eyes but couldn’t see, or fully functioning ears but couldn’t hear? Why then, would we deem it natural for a person to have perfectly healthy, fully functioning male or female reproductive organs, but then be dispositionally incapable of ever using them to accomplish their natural reproductive purpose with the opposite sex?”

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