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Weather Channel Founder Suing Al Gore for Fraud?

Posted by Tony Listi on March 14, 2008

John Coleman on Fox and Friends suggesting a lawsuit against Al Gore for financial fraud: 

Coleman on Glenn Beck Show denouncing global warming as a scam:

Coleman at IPCC:

The founder of the Weather Channel wants to sue Al Gore for fraud, hoping a legal debate will settle the global-warming debate once and for all.

John Coleman, who founded the cable network in 1982, suggests suing for fraud proponents of global warming, including Al Gore, and companies that sell carbon credits.

“Is he committing financial fraud? That is the question,” Coleman said.

“Since we can’t get a debate, I thought perhaps if we had a legal challenge and went into a court of law, where it was our scientists and their scientists, and all the legal proceedings with the discovery and all their documents from both sides and scientific testimony from both sides, we could finally get a good solid debate on the issue,” Coleman said. “I’m confident that the advocates of ‘no significant effect from carbon dioxide’ would win the case.”

Coleman says his side of the global-warming debate is being buried in mainstream media circles.

“As you look at the atmosphere over the last 25 years, there’s been perhaps a degree of warming, perhaps probably a whole lot less than that, and the last year has been so cold that that’s been erased,” he said.

“I think if we continue the cooling trend a couple of more years, the general public will at last begin to realize that they’ve been scammed on this global-warming thing.”

Coleman spoke to after his appearance last week at the 2008 International Conference on Climate Change in New York, where he called global warming a scam and lambasted the cable network he helped create.

“You want to tune to the Weather Channel and have them tell you how to live your life?” Coleman said. “Come on.”

He laments the network’s decision to focus on traffic and lifestyle reports over the weather.

“It’s very clear that they don’t realize that weather is the most significant impact in every human being’s daily life, and good, solid, up-to-the-minute weather information and meaningful forecasts presented in such a way that people find them understandable and enjoyable can have a significant impact,” he said.

“The more you cloud that up with other baloney, the weaker the product,” he said.

Coleman has long been a skeptic of global warming, and carbon dioxide is the linchpin to his argument.

“Does carbon dioxide cause a warming of the atmosphere? The proponents of global warming pin their whole piece on that,” he said.

The compound carbon dioxide makes up only 38 out of every 100,000 particles in the atmosphere, he said.

“That’s about twice as what there were in the atmosphere in the time we started burning fossil fuels, so it’s gone up, but it’s still a tiny compound,” Coleman said. “So how can that tiny trace compound have such a significant effect on temperature?

“My position is it can’t,” he continued. “It doesn’t, and the whole case for global warming is based on a fallacy.”

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Born Gay Hoax: Born Straight

Posted by Tony Listi on October 1, 2007


Chapter 4

Born Straight

“I wasn’t born gay; I chose it. Eyes wide open and mind wide
I saw the potential and decided…”

Lesbian Comedian, Mimi Freed, Advocate, 6-1-93

The testimony of nature is clear, by definition; all men have male sex organs, designed by nature to fit the sex organs of females, not other males. Therefore, if some men develop sexual desires for other men rather than for women, it is clear that however they developed those desires, they are contrary to their natural physical provision.
Just think, wouldn’t we consider it unnatural if someone had perfectly healthy eyes but couldn’t see, or fully functioning ears but couldn’t hear? Why then, would we deem it natural for a person to have perfectly healthy, fully functioning male or female reproductive organs, but then be dispositionally incapable of ever using them to accomplish their natural reproductive purpose with the opposite sex?”

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Born Gay Hoax: Studies Debunked

Posted by Tony Listi on October 1, 2007


Chapter 3
The Studies: Debunked

By 1986 the born “gay” hoax had been born, and was growing fast. The resulting public relations campaign fooled millions of people around the world into accepting unnatural and inherently dangerous sexual behaviors as natural. In the wake of Ulrichs’s latter-day apostles, Kirk and Madsen and their influence on the culture, many came to believe that they themselves were born “gay.” Same-gender sex activists capitalized on multiple pseudo-scientific studies to mislead the public. The following analyses, will debunk every study of this sort, beginning with the three most cited.
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The Born “Gay” Hoax in America

Posted by Tony Listi on October 1, 2007


Chapter 2
The Born “Gay” Hoax: America

In 1985, the political descendents of Karl Heinrich Ulrichs resurrected the born “gay” hoax. Prior to this time, with rare exception, those that engaged in same-gender sexual conduct had always been considered to have an unnatural behavioral vice, initiated or followed by psychological dysfunction. Prior to 1985, mainstream same-gender sex activists in America even defended the idea that “homosexuality” was a behavior. For example, Professor Lillian Faderman, a same-gender sex activist, has written that “the lesbians of the 1970s valorized homosexuality by claiming that any woman could become a lesbian–and that it was a fine choice.” (The Advocate, Feb 6th 1996. Pg.72)

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