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How to Be Effective Pro-Life Student Group

Posted by Tony Listi on November 12, 2013

You owe it to both babies and mothers to be activists and organizers on your campus, not mere educators.

Morton Blackwell, president of the Leadership Institute, has an apt saying for the pro-life movement: “Pray as if it all depended on God; work as if it all depended on you.” While praying in front of an abortion facility has value, effective pro-life activists have to do more.

There are many other effective ways to spread your pro-life message and actually change policies on your campus:

  • Find out if the health clinic on your campus refers young mothers to a local Planned Parenthood or other abortion facility. Request that the clinic stop the referrals as a matter of human rights. Request pro-life resources be offered at the clinic. Document the response, preferably with video. Protest outside the clinic if your demands are not met.
  • Find out what your Women’s Resource Center on campus is saying and doing. Again, request pro-life resources be offered at the center and that pro-abortion promotion cease as a matter of human rights. Protest if you are ignored or dismissed.
  • Find out what your Women’s Studies and Ethics courses are teaching. Expose and combat pro-abortion bias in the curriculum. Demand balance in the classroom through protests and petitions.
  • Does your school or student government fund pro-abortion student groups and events? Request funding for your pro-life group and events and document the response. At a public university, your pro-life group cannot be denied funding because you are labeled a “political” or “religious” groupUse legal threats and pressure to achieve funding fairness and equality!
  • Identify and inform pro-life donors to your university. Ask them to protest the university’s pro-abortion policies and to threaten to withold their financial support from the university.
  • Campaign for and lobby pro-life legislators who will protect women and children from abortion.
  • Video Activism: Have a video camera with you at all times. Video your opposition. If someone wants to discuss the issue of abortion with you while you are recruiting or doing activism, get your camera out and start video recording your dialogue with that person. Click here to see an example! Edit and publish the video online. You can also deliberately try to engage fellow students in a discussion about abortion on camera too, if you wish. When dialoging with students, try to limit yourself to asking them difficult, clarifying questions rather than stating your own arguments and views.If you are in a public area, keep the camera rolling even if students want to talk but don’t want to be filmed. Let them walk away from you if they don’t want to be filmed. Know and follow recording laws in your state.
  • Host a pro-life speaker on campus: a woman who regrets her abortion (Silent No More), someone who was almost killed by abortion (e.g. Gianna JessenMelissa Ohden, or Rebecca Kiessling), or an ex-abortionist (e.g. John Bruchalski) or ex-abortion industry worker (e.g. Abby Johnson or Carol Everett). These speakers can share powerful personal testimonies and are well worth the time, money, and energy your group will invest in the speaker. Coordinate with other campuses to create a speaking tour and reduce costs.
  • Host a Genocide Awareness Project or Justice for All exhibit on your campus.
  • Set up a Cemetery of the Innocents on your campus. (A similar but cheaper way to do it is with chalk.)
  • Organize a Diaper Drive on campus to help the local crisis pregancy center and help young mothers choose life.
  • Fundraise for a charitable fund to financially support student mothers in need.
  • Participate in the Silent Day of Solidarity.
  • Execute an Empty Stroller/Carriage Protest on campus. Donate the baby strollers/carriages to the local crisis pregnancy center afterward.
  • Do a funeral procession on campus to remember those killed by abortion. Typically, this activism idea entails a blue coffin, a pink coffin, and a bagpipe player.
  • Obtain media coverage with some street theater. Someone in a Grim Reaper costume holding a good sign message (e.g. “Grim Reaper for ‘Choice.'”) gets the point across that abortion kills a human being and will attract media coverage (if you send press advisory), giving you the opportunity to spread a pro-life message. Don’t do this outside an abortion facility though!
  • Give out Cupcakes for Life (“because everyone deserves a birthday!”).
  • Protest the Vagina Monologues.
  • Sell white roses to raise money for the local crisis pregnancy center.
  • Show pro-life movies including Maafa 21Demographic WinterTillyAmazing GraceBloodMoney, and Bella
  • Organize a Rock for Life concert on your campus.
  • Write and send op-eds and letters to the editor into the campus and local papers. If they don’t get published, post them on!
  • Promote family values on your campus.

Contact your Regional Field Coordinator (RFC) about your group’s activities before you do them so that your RFC can help you maximize the media coverage and publicity for your activities.

Take good pictures and video of your activities and post them on! They will help you multiply the effect of your activities beyond one day and beyond your campus. Take good video of your opposition doing and saying outrageous things!

Reach out to local high schools (especially private, Christian ones), homeschool groups, and churches in your area. Help them start pro-life clubs. Coordinate your activities together.

A great way to become an excellent pro-life group is to imitate the best groups nationwide. Click here to see what Bears for Life at Baylor University did to win Students for Life of America’s Group of the Year award. I also highly recommend contacting and following the activities of Louisiana Students for Life, led by Dominique Monlezun. Their student pro-life network is very strong.

Contact your Regional Field Coordinator (RFC) for more guidance, assistance, and training.

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  2. […] Tony Listi . “How to Be Effective Pro-Life Student Group”. Conservative Colloquium, 12 de Novembro de […]

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