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Why I Can’t Donate to Dallas Bishop’s Appeal

Posted by Tony Listi on February 17, 2013

Dear Bishop Kevin Farrell (and whoever reads this for him),

I cannot in good conscience donate to the Bishop’s Annual Appeal. I did last year but cannot this year.

While most of the causes the Appeal supports are good, I morally object to one program and thus cannot support the Appeal. I will make a donation directly to a Dallas diocesan mission/ministry rather than the Appeal itself.

The Catholic Charities program that teaches and assists illegal immigrants in taking advantage of government “welfare” programs is extremely imprudent, harmful, and thus immoral, despite the best of intentions by you and others, I’m sure.

While I support all of the Catholic Church’s truly charitable efforts to help the immigrant (legal or otherwise), I cannot in good conscience support Church activities that attempt to “help” anyone (especially non-citizens) with money taken from others by force of government, especially at the national level. I cannot in good conscience support Church activities that further strain irresponsible government finances, foster a culture of dependency and irresponsibility, lead to increased taxes on everyone, and harm the economic future of everyone.

I know that there are other active, faithful Catholics in the diocese who apply Catholic social teaching as I do according to prudence and similarly object to this program. I commend you for all the good work you do but hope you will take my objections and concerns seriously.

In all sincerity and humility,
Tony Listi


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