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Contraception (& Protestantism) Paved Way for Gay “Marriage”

Posted by Tony Listi on August 13, 2010

No Children

Contraception literally divorces procreation from sexual intercourse in violation of Scriptural commands and of both Catholic and early Protestant traditions. It is immoral and its rotten cultural fruit, including the gay “marriage” craze, has been immensely harmful to American society.

Contraception also allows men and women to divorce procreation from marriage. Because of contraception, American society no longer views marriage as a children/family-centered institution but merely a relationship of mutual self-gratification and convenience that can be ended at whim. Children and their rights are no longer integral to the institution of marriage in the minds of many Americans, especially among the young.

Because marriage is viewed this way now, it is only natural that the notion of gay “marriage” has gained ground culturally. Popular debates surrounding the issue hardly ever even mention children and their positive rights (see here also). Marriage is treated as an institution whose purpose is primarily for the benefit of the two (or more, perhaps) people involved. Only when one forgets that only one man and one woman united together procreate children and that children develop better under the care of their biological parents do the notions of “marriage discrimination” and “marriage equality” begin to gain plausibility.  

Contraception is what started the cultural ball rolling in divorcing children and their positive rights from marriage.

And how exactly did contraception come to be accepted and widespread in American society? American Protestants caved in to liberal regressives in the early 20th century. Up until around 1930, all Christians (Catholic, Orthodox, Protestant) rejected contraception as immoral. It was only a matter of time before this cultural change would produce legal changes.

So I find it very ironic that many conservative Protestants are staunch defenders of marriage and yet condone the use of contraception, the very thing that paved the way for gay “marriage” in American culture and law.

3 Responses to “Contraception (& Protestantism) Paved Way for Gay “Marriage””

  1. AZL said

    “Contraception literally divorces procreation from sexual intercourse…”
    So does Natural Family Planning. The RCC does not maintain that it is immoral to engage in sexual activity without the intention of having kids. There are justifications for refraining from having kids which the Church deems acceptable, but does not in turn require that the couple abstain from sex.

    • Tony Listi said

      Yes, NFP could be wrongly used as “contraception” in an intentional/psychological and spiritual sense, using the method to avoid children for unjust reasons. But strictly and objectively speaking, NFP does not prevent conception; it is merely choosing to have intercourse when conception is impossible or at least very unlikely, biologically and medically speaking. So NFP is qualitatively different in that it does not manipulate and attempt to control the natural female body; it respects the natural and sacred dignity of the female body-person. So even if one were to use NFP to avoid children for unjust reasons, one would at least still be respecting the dignity of the body and sexuality (in that act itself, if not intention).

      Contraception, on the other hand, fosters a disrespect and irreverence for the natural function of the female reproductive system and sexual intercourse generally. Why? Because it’s aim is manipulation and control over the female body and sexual intercourse rather than reverence for them.

      And because of this qualitative difference between contraception and NFP, contraception objectively distorts the purpose of marriage and sexuality away from children while NFP does not (at least not objectively, though it could subjectively, by intention).

  2. von said

    A good post… from one Protestant who agrees with you (and Scripture 😉 ) on this issue. One important issue to add is that marriage is meant to reprsent the union of Christ and the church, which totally negates any possible concept of Sodomite ‘marriage’.

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