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Petro-Dictator Noriega Supports Higher Gas Prices

Posted by Tony Listi on June 5, 2008

Petro-Dictator Hugo ChavezEverything is bigger in Texas. But gas prices shouldn’t be. And yet that is exactly what Rick Noriega and his extremely liberal friends in the Senate would like to impose on Americans!

Noriega has expressed his support for a disastrous bill (S. 3061, introduced  by ultra-liberal Sen. Boxer, but entitled the Lieberman-Warner Bill) that would more than double the price of gas and electricity. According to the Congressional Budget Office, the bill would impose “tens of billions of dollars annually” on you and me in increased prices. By other estimates, the bill would cost trillions dollars to the US economy in total. Yeah, kick the economy when it is down, Democrats! Does that sound smart to you?

Energy is the lifeblood of the American economy; tax it and you tax the economy causing it to shrink, cutting off economic opportunities to American citizens.


Noriega claims to want to help those struggling at the pump by raising the price of gas through taxes? Talk about incoherent! Yeah, tax our gas, that’ll make it cheaper for all of us! Why would we want to send this fool to the Senate to represent us? Senator John Cornyn is the sane, rational choice.

We Texans would be especially hard hit by this bill. We take pride in the size of our state and our wide open spaces, but if Noriega has his way, the long distances between the major cities of Texas (compared to other states) will become a burden upon the average citizen rather than a badge of pride. Gasoline gives us the freedom to travel, whether it is to visit family, conduct business, or make a new start. Noriega apparently doesn’t care about our families, our businesses, and our freedom to shape our own lives. He would rather sacrifice us and our dreams at the pagan altar of Marxism-induced hysteria.

Hugo Chavez, watch out! Looks like another socialist Latin American dictator wants to seize the energy industry in a government takeover. I always knew Comandante Noriega would live up to his name.

4 Responses to “Petro-Dictator Noriega Supports Higher Gas Prices”

  1. AT said

    You’re right. We should keep the price of gas low so that Americans will have greater incentive to drive more, buy more gas, and give greater support to Exxon-Mobil, Chavez, Putin, and Noriega.

  2. foospro86 said

    You’re right. We should keep the price of gas high so that Americans will have greater incentive to drive less, buy less gas, lose time and productivity, and become poorer. We don’t care about the poorest of Americans and their standard of living. We should just feed our envy of successful corporations like Exxon-Mobil.

    Two can play the sarcasm game.

  3. bob said

    Foosepro86…your an IDIOT…using less fossil fuels does not mean the country will come to a grinding hault losing time & productivity…have you ever herd of alternative means of transportation? this can mean new ways of getting around, maybe even faster ways but the main point being CLEANER…OIL PRODUCTS ARE NOT THE BLOOD OF THE WORLD, JUST OUR FIRST DRINK OF CHOICE.

  4. foospro86 said


    Actually Bob, I, “Foosepro,” “herd” that “your” an…. You brought your credibility to “hault” quite quick with your comment.

    And fyi, my first drink of choice is Sprite. Not sure what you drink.

    Yea, you let me know when the solar or wind powered car comes along and we’ll race.

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