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Blind Legislating, Literally

Posted by Tony Listi on May 16, 2008

Congressmen do not read the bills they pass. How could they? Some bills are over a hundred pages long! And Congress considers thousands of bills each session.

I had the opportunity to accompany a Congressman up to the floor of the House. He was asking his staff how he was supposed to vote on each bill! What power a congressional staffer has!

This is ridiculous. It also reflects Congress passing more laws than it should and assuming more power to itself that should be left to the state and local level.

Our elected representatives should not be passing legislation that they haven’t even read. And they shouldn’t be proposing legislation that is impossible for their colleagues to read in a timely manner. If they are not willing to make readable laws and then read them before voting on them, why should the American people read them and obey them?

Politicians should pledge to vote against any bill that they haven’t read or haven’t been given enough time to read. It is up to the American people to stop this farce.

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