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Liberal “Innovation”

Posted by Tony Listi on April 24, 2008

Liberal Innovation

2 Responses to “Liberal “Innovation””

  1. Anon said

    Ironically, it is the Bush admin’s belief that technology will magically emerge to save us from the impending energy crisis, and the liberal’s belief that economic pressures should be installed to actually make such real innovation occur in time for a soft landing, and who are already funding research into such systems.

  2. foospro86 said

    A dynamic free market is somewhat magical. Adam Smith’s “invisible hands” give that connotation too. It may seem somewhat mysterious at first that great wealth and progress comes from unintended consequences, but it is manifestly true and can be explained.

    Why do liberals think of the market as if it were static, as if the government always needs to give it a push with “economic pressures”? Let the free market solve the energy crisis! “The world will only be saved at a profit,” H. L. Hunt. A dynamic market has all the incentives it needs from the consumers.

    Government intervention has already cost us on this issue: the ethanol boondoggle. Now we are wasting billions on this and raising food prices that hurt the poorest.

    Lastly, we can all thank Bill Clinton for the high energy prices: they would be lower if he hadn’t vetoed the bill to drill in ANWR.

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