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Is Faith Alone a Temptation to Sin?

Posted by Tony Listi on March 8, 2008

Is sola fide a temptation to sin? Here is why I ask the question: If a person believes that faith alone saves regardless of his actions, then wouldn’t that person be tempted to sin, rationalizing that their faith will ultimately save them or that it already has saved them? What is a sin here or there to the one who has already been saved? Sola fide seems to destroy the fear of God, which is extolled in Scripture at least thirty-one times.

If the Protestant objects saying that such a person doesn’t truly have faith, then I would ask: how do you know that such a person doesn’t truly have faith? The Protestant cannot respond using the concepts of works, obedience, behavior, actions, etc. without destroying the whole concept of sola fide or without conceding that faith and works/obedience cannot be separated conceptually/theologically (which necessarily destroys the concept of sola fide too).

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