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Obama’s Ties to Terrorism

Posted by Tony Listi on March 4, 2008

Barack Obama has been running his campaign in the style of a revolutionary. Just how radical and liberal Obama is has been well hidden by the campaign. If you haven’t heard about his friendship with the leaders of the radical group, the Weather Underground, you can thank the media. Just how radically left this man is can be seen in what company he keeps. Obama is friends with William Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn, the Weather Underground terrorists of the 1960’s.

Bill Ayres is unapologetic for his violence:

112 Responses to “Obama’s Ties to Terrorism”

  1. Thought you guys would be interested in this one!

  2. foospro86 said

    Who are you?

  3. Karen said

    I have no problem with this. Obama has not done any of what this man has done. I just think FOX news is trying to mar his character and I can tell them in this election, I am not looking at what others associated with Obama has said, but what Obama has said. He may also have represented this man as a lawyer and was trying to change his way of thinking. No one knows the reason for the association.

  4. foospro86 said

    Well, I think it is fair to judge people by the company they keep. Would you or the mainstream media feel the same way if John McCain was friends with David Duke?

    Besides, we do know the reason for their association: friendship ( Why would anyone befriend someone like Ayers?
    Plus Obama felt like he had to pay homage to this guy apparently:

    I think you are really straining to rationalize the relationship if you think Obama was trying to “change [Ayers’] way of thinking”! There is no evidence of that. Most people befriend like-minded people, especially in politics.

  5. sprice said

    I must disagree with Foospro86. I have a freind who is a bit of an anarchist who can’t stand our government’s politics. She thinks that they are all corrupt. she hates the war, and think our military should be scaled down to about 1/10th of what it is and she does not support the troops nor the war she does not believe in voting but she complains when those in office do something she does not agree with. I on the other hand believe that some of our officials are corrupt and that any person can be enticed by the dark side. I am a veteran and a patriot, I believe in our police departments and our government. I do not support the war but I support our troops 100%. I believe in democracy and my right to vote (even though I hate the electoral college. we need to get rid of it).

    so there you have two people with almost completely different political views who can be very good friends for years.

    we both argue at length about politics but as long as she doesnt do anything to threaten the countries freedom I served to defend or do anything illegal, we will continue to be freinds.

  6. foospro86 said

    So sprice, has your friend ever declared open war on the US govt? Has she ever bombed govt buildings such as the Pentagon? Is she a terrorist or an unrepentant former terrorist? If she was (I’m assuming she isn’t), would you still associate with that kind of person? Would you be friendly with that person and serve with them on a board?

    Do you see my point yet?! This is not merely about “completely different political views.” Bill Ayers’ views should not be tolerated. I have many liberal friends too, almost all of whom I am cordial and civil and even friendly with. But I would never be friends with an unrepentant terrorist who is little better than Osama bin Laden.

  7. Conservative1 said

    What are we saying here people? That this guy somehow has fooled all his supporters, the DNC, and the American public at large and is really in some way shape or form a radical, anti-American, or God forbide a terrorist. This is utterly ridiculous, when we have an individual whom very well may be on his way to becoming the next president of the United States that were accusing these things of. We’re the biggest idots to ever vote in this country and this guy is the most cunning person ever if this is true.

  8. foospro86 said

    Um, yeah, to some extent. Yes, I think Obama is very good at fooling people. He speaks well and uses flowery, hollow phrases. I think he is radical and anti-American just based on his policies alone, but his associations with people such as Ayers and Wright also strongly suggest Obama is anti-American, no matter what he says. Actions speak louder than words, especially in politics.

    Now, I did NOT call Obama a terrorist! Never have. If you want to know what I’m saying just read my notes and comments; I mean what I say and say what I mean. Don’t draw baseless or illogical conclusions.

  9. troy c said

    i am very concerned about something far more serious than the possability that obama could be running our nation that i love so dearly. Do all black churches and there pasters feel the same way as mr wright does, if not why arn’t they speaking out against his hate, at least a few muslums emums here in the states condem some hate speech! this truely scares me

  10. I think if all the right has against Senator Obama is Bill Ayes and this 1970’s Weatherman Group, they fear that Obama can and will be the President of the United States. The Right Wing and Fox News remind me of Movie, “the Great White Hope” in which they went at great lengths to take the heavy weight championship from Jack Johnson. I believe in this country and the overall decent people who make it up, and I don’t believe, we as Americans, will stand by and let these few bad people stop the one person who can lead this United States of America and the world, for that matter,to his just and rightful place. God Bless America.

    Jack Jackson, Mesa, Arizona

  11. foospro86 said

    Sure, we fear Obama will win the presidency, but only because we fear what he would do while in office. We believe that his political philosophy and policies will NOT “lead this United States of America and the world, for that matter,to [its] just and rightful place.” In fact, they will do just the opposite.

    Jack, you are just trying to play the race card and brand conservatives as racists with this talk of the The Great White Hope. Please leave these ad hominem attacks behind and focus on the issues at hand.

    How can you possibly dismiss Obama’s relationship with an unrepentant terrorist as irrelevant or insignificant?!

  12. helene said


  13. foospro86 said

    Just fyi, it is not a good idea to write in all caps. It is the online equivalent to yelling.

    I agree with you, Helene, to some extent. But I don’t know what you mean by “reek of Islam” and would not use that phrase to describe Obama. He is more likely a believer in black liberation theology, which is merely Marxism with a thin semi-Christian veneer (which is to say, not Christianity at all).

  14. Pete said

    Obama rhymes with Osama.
    Middle name is Hussein.
    An x-Muslim with an American hating wife
    and pastor and with terrorist ties.
    And as fasr left as one can possibly get.
    Shortly after 9-11 we would not even consider this left wing nut job.
    Now many in the nation are giddy over him.
    This shows how far we have come.
    To the point of no return.
    Into the abyss of hell.
    Obama Hussein for president?
    God help us.

  15. foospro86 said

    “What’s in a name?”
    I can understand the suspicion over Obama’s name, but (as much as I get a kick out of Ann Coulter) I don’t think it is reasonable at all, considering his actual life story. Conservatives undermine their own cause when they focus on his name like that, as if that in itself was a reason not to vote for him. You are only giving the Left more ammo to call us racists and bigots. No, focus on his policies, his political philosophy (which can be legitimately inferred from his close relationships).

    And let’s not be histrionic or melodramatic about this. The “abyss of hell” is a bit much. If the US could survive Woodrow Wilson, FDR, Jimmy Carter, and others, then I think we need to have a little more faith in what the Founding Fathers created and passed down to us, the Miracle at Philadephia.

  16. peter ripley said

    Well, folks, let me say this: had you shared in the struggle against America’s terrorist war in Viet Nam, you would understand Bill Ayres comment that he feels he did not do enough. None of us did, to our shame and enduring guilt.

  17. foospro86 said

    So you too, Peter, are an unrepentant former terrorist against the US? You think attacking US govt. buildings was justified?

    North Vietnam and the communists were the aggressors. They invaded first through the National Liberation Front.

    See also:

  18. taco bell said

    Hard to say one is a terrorist against the US while the US was sytematically blowing up both north and south vietnam,to save them from themselves,officially at least.
    REminds one of the germans who did nothing as thejews were carted off to be disposed of my the nazi regime,foospro

  19. foospro86 said

    The US did NOT systematically and thus intentionally terrorize and slaughter innocent people as a matter of policy. I’m not saying such terror or slaughter absolutely never happened even once, but I am saying that it was not official policy and it did not characterize the war as a whole, which is what the government WAS responsible for.

    There is absolutely NO comparison between the American military’s actions in Vietnam and the Nazi regime. The US military did not set out to intentionally kill innocent people. The communists invaded first, so they were not innocent; they were aggressors. The same goes for al-Qaeda in Iraq. People should be more responsible when throwing around comparisons to Hitler and Nazis.

    QED: Bill Ayers was not justified in attacking the US govt. His actions cannot be justified. He was not a champion of the oppressed or a freedom fighter or w/e. He was a terrorist, plain and simple, because he was wrong. The historical facts are not on his side, and he won’t admit that after all these years.

  20. one said

    Remember people This oragnazation is not worse than hammas they have “KILLED” people jeeese

  21. foospro86 said

    So it’s ok to bomb govt. buildings so long as no one gets hurt?!

    No one compared the Weather Underground to Hamas. But what does it matter if they are not as bad as Hamas? I’m sure Al Capone was not as bad as Hitler, but that doesn’t mean we don’t condemn Capone and the mob.

  22. Thomas Grant said

    You people make me sick, Senator Obama has the ability to think for himself and not jump on the bandwagon as you’all seems to be doing. The problem with conservatives is fox news sneeze and the rest of you wipe your noses. Think for yourself it might be a refreshing change!

  23. foospro86 said

    Why not address the issue (which requires thinking for yourself), Thomas?

    Why do you attack us and Fox News? We ARE thinking for ourselves; you are the one who is impulsively attacking Fox News and conservatives (it is called an ad hominem fallacy), trying to avoid the issue.

    Your personal attacks (instead of substantive debate) demonstrate that you are the one, not us, who doesn’t want to use your head. Those above you who commented and disagreed with me at least addressed the issue.

    So I ask you, do you really want a president who is buddy-buddy with an unrepentant terrorist?

  24. Ruby Jane said

    Dear all

    I am from south africa…and a black man, that is not a Christian is ruling our country…and so is it in Zimbabwe, Angola, Mozambique, Sudan, Ethiopia (need I say more)…

    If Obama turns out to be your next president….I WILL BE PRAYING FOR AMERICA….

  25. Matt said

    Well here we are, debating over a guy that was fixing parking tickets 2 years ago. The man stands for nothing. All his senate votes were “present” not yes or no. Bush Sr. said it 5 years ago..We are taking steps to a new world order. Why not have a tender hearted terrorist lover lead the way..?

  26. foospro86 said

    But Matt, you’re wrong, haha. Obama does stand for something: “hope” and “change” and “inspirational leadership” and “yes we can” and “we are the ones we’ve been waiting for” and other hollow, nebulous, or false slogans. Don’t you hope for change and want to change the country in the direction of hope?

    Keep spreading the word on Obama, Matt.

  27. george said

    did i hear someone say “OSAMA OBAMA” ?

  28. Semore B said

    Hello all,

    I would like to post a question about this topic of judging Obama’a character or beliefs with regards to his associations. Considering Obama’s flip-flop association with Rev. Wright after it went national that his pasor of twenty years was of the opinion that the U.S. deserved the 9/11 attacks, do you think that Senator Obama would flip-flop on his friendship with Mr. Ayes? If yes, then what does that say about his character? Is he willing to do or say whatever is expected of him to get power? Kinda sounds like run of the mill politician to me. He is not a leader or a free thinker, just an opportunist.

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  30. neil hartman said

    Why cloud your judgement with “cool hollywood” hatred for Bush. Mcain is no bush. He has stood againt him more often than not and is the only senator to cross the line against his own political well being. He is a statesmen and a thinker. Obahma would loose the war and american interests to gain the election. He is as big a circle talker as any one in modern history. He is hiding his ignorance and poor choices. If you think hating your military is loving your country is O.K. seek mental help. I remember all the lib. crap fed to me in college that I bought into. Then i got a job and a family, sat back and listened. Liberals are the most hateful a-holes I’ve met. They have no idea how much they dont know and cannot survive in the workforce. But think the silent majority is stupid because the spend so much time living there lives quietly. But living life is the greatest lesson of all. And they will die pissed and thinking Bill Ayres is a genius instead of a paronoid jackass who could not make it with out institutions of fools surounding him.

  31. FRANNIE said


  32. So, let me get this straight, kids. Obama, to you is a Trojan Horse? And where is he going to lead us? His “ties” to terrorism are what? Secret meetings or cocktail parties? Think Bill Ayres is going to be Secretary of State? Head up the Dept of Education? Do you think some 50 senators and 300 congressmen are in the dark here?

    Say, take a close look at McCain’s flying missions. Is he a maverick or a reckless fool? He likes a fight. tough guy. Why wasn’t he good enough in 2000?

  33. Strick said

    Ties to terrorism? Who’s to say for sure. Ties to using unbelievably poor judgment in picking associates? Yup! Ties to pandering to everyone’s fears, Yup! Ties to standing for nothing, yup! Ties to standing for everything, Yup!

    I’ll keep it short. Google Bill Ayers, Tony Rezko and of course, Jeremiah Wright. Ayer admits bombing in 1970 the NY City police station. The 1971 Capital building bombing and in 1972 the Pentagon bombing. Ayers; “I don’t regret being involved setting those bombs.” 2001 “We still haven’t done enough” Obama’s spokesman three day’s ago “they know each other; they are friendly next question!” Then you top it off with Louis Farrakhan. Obama; “he saved me from Christianity.” He’s now separated himself from Farrakhan and Wright but after 20+year relationships but now running for president. Judgment, it’s been very poor. I’m know right wing wacko, haven’t been to church in a long long time actually had an Obama sticker on my car till I realized every time ask; why voting for Obama my answer was, ‘change.” Couldn’t come up with anything else. Then started paying more attention.

    I still would find it hard to believe himself, Obama, is a terrorist. But come on people you’ve got to question this man. From, there sure are some strange things in his closet, teetering on scary/concerning. To his ability to be president. Like someone mentioned here he vote’s present, not yes or no. Should tell you a lot. God forbid he vote with his heart, his belief’s that supposedly got him elected in Illinois to start with. His conviction’s…he doesn’t have any. He doe’s the, I don’t want to be on record standing for anything, way. Then I can say all this grandiose pie in the sky stuff. Changing daily by the way. Who wouldn’t want all he’s saying. But anybody who would do a little homework would see…it couldn’t be done. He goes to Europe talking all kinds of stuff. This that, talk’s about doing away with treatie…that were already done away with 20 year’s ago. YIKE’S! Who’s advising him? 6 point drop in the poll’s. That’s my biggest, huh! People putting their faith in this guy. Ask people that want to vote for him, why? It’s like a guy on this site and me…”change.” Change to what? He stands for nothing. Has no record no substance to himself as a man. But he sure does as a politician. Man, a polished one to. Unless he’s not prepared. Then he make’s GW sound eloquent…okay, let’s not get crazy. But he’s not far behind. One on one the other night with that minister then followed by Mccain; Obama 3 pts drop in polls. People are starting to see this guy is an empty shell.

    Have no Idea really if Mccain is any better. But the man does have substance and a record to be looked at, to dissect, evaluate. Especially during these time’s that’s important. Face it, they’re all politicians and should be feed to the sharks during shark week for our viewing pleasure. But you should all do your homework, educate ourself on all candidate’s yourself so your answer aint just “change” They’ve been saying that forever! Biden, his VP choice said only 6 mths ago ” The presadency isn’t an on the job training kind of gig. I’d gladly run against Mccain…or, with him. Sure you’ll be seeing that sound bit shortly. But do, VOTE!

    That was better than therapy.

  34. james said

    There is only one way to get elected President in this country and that is to smile and be on your best behavior. That is even how the Devil himself will work to trick you. By using God’s gift, the unresistable smile and pleasant charm. It really works on us clones especially when one is as desperate as our insanity driven Liberals. Charm and deception is the only stratagy that keeps people on the hook, the line and the sinker. There is no other way to get the support of gullible fools.
    Now, Obama has practice the Muslim religion and he has also been listening to this preacher of hate for the past 20 years These are facts. How much of his practices do you think wore off on him including reading the Koran. He kept going back for more so I’m guesing he liked what he was hearing in this church of racism. Obama has written in his own books his resentment of his mothers white race and has also quoted that he will “stand with the Muslims if the political winds should shift in an ugly direction”. Get his books and read for yourself about his unacceptable way of thinking. Befriending a well known domestic terrorist such as William Aires to start your ‘Political’ movement is probably the worst mistake this charming young black man could of made. But slapping my nation in the face by running for my President with a name such as his, OBSAMA HUSSEIN BARACK, is the biggest blunder and insult this imbesile could have made, and he better pray to Allah that he doesn’t get in the oval office because I have a feeling I am not the only one who is most upset about this punch in the face. The only ‘CHANGE and HOPE’ I expect to see is the death of Liberalism before it killz us all. Yes, this is a free country but a line needs to be drawn.

  35. dick fitzwell said

    experience is not realy what it seems our first president had only commanded army he did ok than lincoln had less than obama and he did even better.

  36. Maggie said

    How can we get the information to “We The People” regarding what Obama really stands for, terriost countries, not America. Also the fact that his wife Michelle states she is finally proud of America. Wow it had to take the Democratic party’s decision to choose him for theit choice. that just goes to show both of them think just like that anti-American preacher they listened to for 20 years. Folks get busy, or it woll be too late if Obama becomes president. Listen to Glennn Beck. He and his guest spealers tell how radical Obama is. He spent out tax dollars to go to our enemies abroad just to appolize for America. Where is his patriotism?

  37. Maggie said

    Barack Obama has been running his campaign in the style of a revolutionary. Just how radical and liberal Obama is has been well hidden by the campaign. If you haven’t heard about his friendship with the leaders of the radical group, the Weather Underground, you can thank the media. Just how radically left this man is can be seen in what company he keeps. Obama is friends with William Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn, the Weather Underground terrorists of the 1960’s.

  38. jpfrank said

    You know that in reading the comments here I would agree with some, others are just brainless nut bags, but it is something to realize that I as a parent wanted the best for my kids, and sent then to the best of the best schools. After spending some $400,000 +dollars to find that what I paid for was the training of some of most the far left, liberal, socialist thinking that I have ever bin subjected to. I have also realized that with this education in the Law, and Architecture that my kids are now part of the society that will kill anything that the USA was founded on and has lived for the several hundred years of it existence. Things like truth, freedom of speech, the pursuit of happiness, competing in the world, so on and so on, all is disappearing. This generation of twenty and thirty something’s are some of the dumbest, classless, ignorant, and most gullible society of people we have produced her in this country. Whites want to be black, blacks want to be white, and what is it we do not understand about the word illegal as in illegal immigrants.

    Osama is the real Manchurian candidate, they dress him up, they script everything this guy does, when asked a question outside of the box his stuttering is the apparent non scripted area that he gets confused for an answer, Bill Aires, the Rev, Wright, his Muslim background and all the other segments of his life has been dummied down so as not to get in the way by the vast left liberal Media, cable news and the written “press.”

    As I said in the beginning of this I have created Two of these nuts that are part of this socialization of the United States of America, and to the thirty something’s we parents of you some times just sit back and marvel at how as you are so smart and know everything, just how really stupid you have become.

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  40. Concerned American said

    Jack Jackson… You sound just like a man who would follow marxist… And yes, that is what I am calling Obama…

    If you people think a man who has no credentials, no experience, a lot of ties to anti-american people as someone who should lead our country…

    I say you move to socialist country for a few years before you are ever allowed to vote, because you are not only scary, but very dangerous for any country… And I would rather have you be dangerous for someone else other than us…

    It is pretty simple people… Do you know why your mommy didn’t want to hang out with the bad kids after school? Because you would become just like them… So take your mom’s advice… If Obama’s friends are anti-americans and hate the US, he probably does too…

  41. Jim said

    My, my, my. What absolute horror. Obviously this is a case of massive fraud against the government of Alaska. We should demand a special prosecutor since this is just the tip of the ice berg. What’s more, we have to suspect that George Bush and Dick Cheney are behind this somehow. This piece is the heart of true investigative reporting.

    Don’t ever listen to those shrill Republicans about investigating stupid and insignificant rumors that Barak Obama has almost no experience, that he has accomplished nothing (other than win his first term as US senator), cavorts with William Aires, and he wants to redistribute the wealth like a Marxist. To do so would only pander to radicals who want to destroy this country.

  42. Malcolm said

    This guilt by association is comical to me….It’s the day after 9/11–7 years later…Let’s just say that on the day 9/11 happened, Michelle Obama and family were with Osama Bin Laden’s family, do you honestly believe people wouldn’t hold that up as guilt and proof that Obama help to plan 9/11? Yet we know the Bush family were with the Bin Laden family…..None, I repeat, NONE of the so-called “liberal media” reported that association as proof of involvment or guilt..instead we rightly afforded the Bush family that benefit of a doubt ..Why are people so un-willing to extend Obama this benefit?

  43. Shannon said

    For all the “Sheeple” out there that honestly believe Borack Ocommunist will lead this country in the right direction, you are brain damaged. He is a marxist radical, with aspirations of dictatorship.An empty suit.Borack has no substance at all, he speaks in platitudes and nothing more. “I am the candidate of change”. What kind of change Borack? “Change that people can believe in”. What kind of change is that Borack?. “The kind of change that will give the American people HOPE. Give me a fucking break. Liberalism is a disease. You cant think for yourself, you just eat up everything the media tells you without question. Democrats want us all dependant on gov. for everything so they can have more power, because it’s all they care about, and as long as people like you continue to put them in office the more freedom’s we’ll lose.

  44. Atsuko Arai said

    Hello all,

    I remember when Barack Obama first announced his candidacy, I just laughed and laughed and laughed. I thought “here comes another left-wing so-called “do-gooder” who is gonna try to ride his race to the presidency. ha ha ha.” And I gave the good tax-payers of America more credit than to be brainwashed by the mainstream news media.

    Well, as I realized he was overtaking Hillary Clinton (who was ROBBED of the democratic nomination in my opinion), I began doing some digging of my own. I first heard of his affiliations through Rush Limbaugh’s popular radio program. Having been brought up by my father to never just take anyone’s word for anything (not even his own), I began searching the web for reputable articles with information on William Aires and Tony Rezko and Jeremiah Wright to see just what these affiliations are about.

    This absolutely appalls me as a tax-paying American citizen. People who so casually dismiss his intimate relationship to Billy Aires and the others are so emotionally enveloped in the vacuous, flowery, empty promises he blathers on about in his speeches, that their common sense has seemingly left the building.

    Remove the fact that his policies are so radically to the left that many Democrats in congress are tentative to support them, and that his economic policies spell STAGFLATION for the US economy. Forget that 47% of the time he was either unwilling, or unable to cast a vote of “yes” or “no” in the brief time he has spent in the US Senate, remove the fact that he has absolutely NO executive experience, remove the fact that he was ingrained in the Mayor Daley’s “Chicago Machine” and has never once in his career lifted a finger to uproot the abhorrent corruption in that venue. If you can get past all that, have a look at who he associates with.

    William Aires, unrepentant terrorist, who bombed government property (in which several people WERE killed), who, on 9/11, was quoted on the news saying there was an eloquence in bombs. Was a close friend and mentor to Senator Obama. How can you ignore this? The BEST the situation could have been was “well, I disagree with you, but I still respect your opinion and your rights to it (even though that opinion is blatantly anti-American and terroristic).

    But how could he disagree with Mr. Aires sentiments, having whole heartedly sat in the pews of Pastor Jeremiah Wright’s church, listening to him rant and rave and spew his anti-American hate-speech? And can you believe how stupid he thinks you are? “That’s not the man I’ve known for 20 years”. Please, Mr. Obama. You yourself named him as your spiritual mentor, who baptized your children, married you to your wife, whom you could no sooner disown than you could disown the black community. You’ve been going to the church and listening to him for 20 years. If you do not know who he is by now, Obama, you are either brain-dead, or you are LYING, and I am far more apt to assume the latter.

    Let’s put aside the fact that this election is not about the black community, it is about the country of the United States of America. Let’s look at Michelle Obama, your wife, who only recently became proud of her country for the very first time! so she says. Who’s college thesis, written on the divides between white and black society (i.e. how the white man has kept black down), was said to have been removed from the school’s archives, pending the conclusion of the presidential election.

    Everything this man is about is to erode the god-given freedoms set forth by our founding fathers. He wants to markedly expand the size of government, and implement all manner of new social programs, all with mine and your money, while the government, run by politician, is in no way qualified to run health care, or the schools, or wall-street.

    What I have to say is please, for the love of god people, open your eyes to the fact that this is not the man we want running this country. Please.

  45. Midniteangel said

    How can anyone NOT have a problem with the criminal friends and associates of a presidential candidate is really disturbing. ayers tried to kill people for God’s sake. Why would anyone take up with such a person in the first place? How can anyone not have a problem with the fact that BO sat in a place that made believe they were a church of God when it was really a radical, militant muslim teaching institution? It is like dejavou when Bill Clinton said he did not have sex with that BO is saying he is not a muslim.

  46. What’s the difference between William Ayers & Tim McVeigh?

    The government-media gate keepers will decide who to despise and who are heroes.

    And jus’ wait, the pop media will tell us how great our socialized health care is, its free, you should be grateful.

    And how great it is that our children can go to college …if they get passed the government gate keepers. And if not, the gate keepers will tell us that community service is perhaps a noble, patriotic alternative.

    And what we should listen to on the radio, its only fair.

    And who should decide how much the truckdriver and secretary are paid, those are equivalent jobs to the gate keeper, anymore would not be fair.

    Its a neat, tidy world, the elite can carry on, guiltless in knowing that they have provided us a very comfortable, pacified life.

    Mr Gorbachov, put back that wall! So we will once again know what freedom means!

  47. fact finding jasmin said

    After reading everyones comments I decided to do some research of my own. Obama and Ayres know eachother because they were both professors at the university of Chicago. Ayers was a professor of education and obama was a professor of law. That was the extent of their relationship. I’m sure they’d talk to eachother at faculty meetings as cowprkers. But that does not prove in anyway that Obama somehow adopted the beliefs of his cowprker just because he knew him! Its not fair to obama just as it wouldn’t be fair for me to judge McCain because of his relationship (for 20 years) in the senate with Strom Thurman who was a self described racist who declaired “segregation now, segregation forever”. According to some of you I would be correct if I called mccain a racist because he knew someone who was a racist. He is not and I will not call him a racist just like none of you should be calling obama a terrorist.

    As for rev. Wright, there is something you have to understand about the things that older black people have been through in this country. What he said was wrong but if you lived through a period of time when white people were allowed to rape black women, kill black men, and bomb black churches and schools without persecution. That was just a fact of life. And without prosecution of these terrorist acts he probably prayed to God when would these terrible acts be reconsiled. Let me be clear that I don’t share is opinion. But in all of the emotion in the aftermath of September 11th. He said a reckless statement that had more to do with his past than with the present trouble of that tragic day.
    Everyone that has made a comment seems to have a very strong opinion either for or against Obama. I suggest getting all the facts before you form an opinion. And another point try supporting one candidate instead of hating his opponent. There’s too much hate in this country and we owe it to ourselves to get rid of it.

  48. Concerned Citizen said

    I think you need to look in McCain’s associations as well and all this finger pointing will stop. It was just reported this morning comparing these insuations and McCain was also on the board of a group that supposedly was very conservative toward things we don’t like to speak of.

  49. Shawn said

    Great comment Dick. I absolutely agree.
    I also completely agree with Palin asking for us to take another look into the life of Barack Obama and who he hangs with and has hung with in the past. I don’t think that when one is running for the highest office in the land that it is too much to at least fully research that person’s background (friends, enemies, campaign finance contributors, etc.)
    And what is Obama’s response? Well look, the McCain campain is trying to display the divisive principles that resists the change I want (paraphrasing). No, we are just calling you for who you really are.

  50. Billiam said

    My former paster, Maury Davis, of Cornerstone Church, is a convicted murderer. Since his 8 years in prison, the man has changed his behavior and worked hard for charity and his faith in God. Should I now condemn every one of his current acquaintances that met him working to spread the word of Jesus? You hypocrites would say no. But you slam Obama for knowing a guy YEARS after his radical activities. What’s worse, you slam Obama for working with CHARITY in the same area as this former radical hippy. You people should be ashamed of yourselves.

    Obama is NOT friends with this guy. They met because both of them were working for charity. They are acquaintances.

  51. Marcia Price said

    Folks: I suggest that you merely google “Obama Senatorial voting record” and click on the sites that contain both his Illinois and Federal records. Isn’t it curious that indeed he did vote yea or nea on most of the motions on the floor. I wonder what other lies are being passed around? and with google, we don’t have to work too hard to find out. Hmmm.

  52. Jphn Warren said

    You know, speaking of one’s associates, do any of you remember the Keating Five? Check it out.
    Also, try actually reading Ayers’ book yourself. But only do so if you are prepared for more historic and contextual complexity than some people posting here seem to be willing to entertain. Actually, this complicated world haas many, many considerations that are not clean and tidily right or wrong.

  53. marcia Price said

    Duh. Just google ‘Obama’s Senatorial voting record” and check for yourself they ‘yea’ and ‘nay’ responses.
    Seems to me that there’s a lot of paranoia re the government (which agency?) and any criticism that one might dare to express.
    Anybody here read the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights in recent years?

  54. Robert said

    Who in their right mind thinks that Obama is good for this country. His involvement wiht both religious and muslim radicals is not what this country needs. He does ahve a hidden agenda that these brain washed people are not realizing. And dont tell me he is not Muslim afiliated. His real name is Barry Obama. He is the one that changed his name to Barrack Hussein Obama. Good lord we are in trouble. An Amoerican revalution is one the way. This country is headed for a civil war.

  55. lou said

    i went to high school with guys that sold drugs, and a couple guys in prison for bank robbery. does that make me a criminal by association? i figure the right wing has been giving it to me up the butt for 8 years now, so i’ll take my chance with the left. i really don’t think obama can possibly be any worse than bush. besides, palin is an idiot. yes, she’s hot but that won’t help my financial problems, probably because i don’t have her tax guy. obama is my choice, because quite frankly, i don’t have another choice.

  56. Abe Bird said

    acorn? what a shit.
    I have decided to vote McCain. I trust no more Bombama!!!!

  57. Joe Quick said

    I am a disabled veteran of the Viet Nam War and I think a good citizen. I vote and I try to keep informed in all matters that concern this country. I do not vote on political lines, I only vote on the issues and for the person who I think will serve me best. That’s right , they are to serve me , I am a American and that why I vote.When a man changes his name or has friends with bad back grounds, this gives me concern. No one should vote for anything else,but there own feelings on the facts, not Black or White or Right or Left, just the facts.Fact one is,Obama changed his name Why? Fact two is Obama is friends of known Anti -American and racist people, Why?

  58. John doe said

    Liberty cannot be preserved without a general knowledge amongthe people, who have a right, from the frame of their nature, toknowledge, as their great Creator, who does nothing in vain, hasgiven them understandings, and a desire to know; but besides this,they have a right, an indisputable, unalienable, indefeasible,divine right to that most dreaded and envied kind of knowledge;I mean, of the characters and conduct of their rulers.” — John Adams (Dissertation on Canon and Feudal Law, 1765) Reference: Our Sacred Honor, Bennett, 253.

  59. Is this what you guys do when everyone else is sleeping? Trying to come up with ways to terrorize the American people, planting seeds of doubt, that someone could ACTUALLY be who and what they say they are? Have we truly become a nation of cynics?

    Well not me. I have done my homework on Barack Obama and as a REPUBLICAN I am working FULLTIME on his campaign… McCain is a liar and a bully and does not represent my interests or values.

    He proved it last night in the debate. Sarah Palin? WHY WON’T THEY LET HER TALK TO THE MEDIA? WHAT ARE THEY HIDING?

    No… The Obama/Aires relationship is what has been explained MANY times… an acquaintance. Nothing more.

    You need to get a life… seriously. Barack Obama will be the next president of the United States…


  60. Nick Chambers said

    yeah if you let this dude become president you guys are crazy.He has ties with past terrorists….and he even took acts in terrorists camps so why would you want someone who is a terrorist run our country.Yes I am calling him a terrist too because he took acts in there training camps.If you let this man run our country it will never be america again.

  61. Nick Chambers… you aren’t supposed to gulp the koolaid they leave for you every morning… you’re supposed to “SIP IT”


    Take care with your words “my friend” because their are laws that would allow someone to bring charges against anyone making such false statements.


    another republican voting for Obama.
    In Central Florida too! LOL!

  62. The Man said

    Forget that he’s linked to this guy. He used cocaine. Dont know if he dealed it or how much he used? Nice guy.

  63. go cavs said

    The big question to me is did he get money from Ayres. If yes then he is quite guilty by association. We all know Obama took Ayres 200 bucks and even let him host a political “party” to introduce Obama to the community as a state senate possibility. There is nothing more insane than watching Obama say that what Ayers did 40 years ago is dispicable yet he was willing to take everything that a terrorist could provide. And I don’t buy the idea that this terrorist is any more peaceful than he was 40 years ago. Recentley Ayers said he thought more should have been bombed. Let me ask you, what would your first thought be if you happened to be seated next to Ayers on a jumbo jet? Why are all of Obamas mentors American hating losers? Some say talk is cheap , Obama is also willing to work with those who have commited actions in support of their words.

    fact finding jasmin
    You must have searched for 1 minute to find the depth of your “fact finding” mission there. Heres a hint: WIKIPEDIA!

    Your either a liar or have no clue what a Republican is. Rebuplicans don’t support pretty much anything Obama is going to do, or at least his ways of doing it.

    “McCain is a liar and a bully and does not represent my interests or values.He proved it last night in the debate. Sarah Palin? WHY WON’T THEY LET HER TALK TO THE MEDIA? WHAT ARE THEY HIDING?”-JennCoolFla

    How can you ask if we’re a nation of cynics than spout out the thing about McCain/Palin? Looks rather hypocritical.

    If anyone believes Cool Jenn is Republican Id be amazed.

  64. gmoney said

    I think it is significant that Obama has these kinds of friends. After being in Wright’s church and being friends with Ayers we know that these guys hate or have hated America at one time or another for reasons most Americans would consider to be radical. It scares me when I hear Obama talk about how unpopular America is in the rest of the world. If he said this in the company of these two guys you would say Obama is a radical jsut like them. Does he want change in this country because he hates it the way it is now, because he hates it just like Wright and Ayers? Just exactly what is he going to change about this great nation?
    What kind of friends will he appoint to cabinet posts.
    His wife has never felt good about America, if she was listening to Wright for twenty years that is understandable she’s been brainwashed. Most Democrats would say that any conservative Christian that sits in a church for any length of time listening to a Charismatic preacher is being brainwashed. What about Obama?

  65. Soopafly said

    My question is, why was Aires serving on a board in the first place? Was he elected to the board? If so, then his work in the community speaks louder than blowing up government buildings, to those who elected him. The ties between these two are small. These were non-profit organizations.

    I question Sean Hannity’s associations all the time. Karl Rove manipulated this entire country, and sites “executive privledge” and doesn’t have to answer to a subpeona. Dick Morris was busted with a prostitute and cocaine and admitted to toe-sucking. And these people call themselves Christians?? Rudy Guillianie? As questionable as they come.

    Had Obama publicly praised Aires, or still had an ongoing relationship with Aires, I may be curious. But these two have had no contact in 3 years. They’re not “friends”. At worst, they’re associates for education reform, and that’s not a bad thing.

    If these scare tactics are the only thing Republicans can come up with, they are truly sad. Obama is going to take this in a landslide!

    For actual facts…not fear tactics and lies…check out

  66. Twait said

    In today’s age we look at terriorism and remember the horror of 9/11. How it affected us. Who we lost. And how much we wanted to do something anything to get those who had done this. In the sixties however you will find the mentality of that time to be all about radical changes. Our culture was at odds with it self the baby boomers were coming of age thay didn’t want the old conservative ways. These boomers were of a mind set that war was not the answer and the horrors our government was allowing to go on in Asia was not correct. Millions of people protested and the governments across all states took issue with the seeming disrespect that was coming from “these young people”. The people who were protesting in many instances were brutilized by the police and in some instances the national guard. People at the time took matters into thier own hands such as Bill Aires and many others. They couldn’t seem to make there point any other way.

    My point is that when looking at the facts it is important to put them into context. When we look at the past through our current perspective we can not begin to understand what was happening with Bill Aires, however when put into context a completely different picture emerges. This is not condoning the actions only giving a perspective.

    I have been in people homes and not know who anybody was I was mingling with. Or even who the person was who owned the house let alone what he or she stood for or mingled with. We as a people walk around with our focus on what is important for us right now. We don’t know even a 10th of what is going on around us at any given moment. And when you are young it is doubly true.

    We believe what we want, to have what we want, when we want it. These words are not meant to change minds but to do my part to give enough info to just maybe inspire another who reads this to be brave enough to really look at the entire history of our country and not just one point of view.

    Actions speak louder than words.

    I am extremely new to watching what has been happening in this campaign. This is the first one to really capture my attention. So much so that I have been researching everthing I can about everything that has been coming up. And what I have seen so far is that Barack Obama has kept a calm level head and John McCain has been a hot head jumping from one thing to another.

    What started the ball rolling for me was when I came across by total accident a clip of the David Letterman show when Sen. McCain cancelled his appreance under the giuse of rushing to Washington to do all he could to save the day. According to Letterman McCain said he was on his way to the airport. Only to find out during the taping of his show that Sen. McCain was still in New York having an interview with Katie Couric and then didn’t get to Washington till the next day.

    It is a persons actions now that matter most. Do their words match their actions. Words can lie but actions in the long run are extremely difficult to do.

  67. ABC123 said

    Ok let’s start off with something simple like the words patriot or patriotism. I think people seem to be confused about their meaning. It DOES NOT mean blindly supporting what your country does right or wrong. And it DOES mean sometimes being a vocal critic of your nation’s policies. I love this country very much which is WHY I am so upset by the path we have taken the last eight years. We were founded on truly radical principles in 1776 by men who were being hunted by the British authorities. If Britain had won these men would have been hung and labeled traitors. I think sometimes we forget how our country was born. The idea of a government by the people and for the people had never been done before America and frankly the world was scared. I am proud to call this my history but I am ashamed of the way we behave. That DOES NOT make me a traitor. Our founding fathers labeled the traitors not the ones who spoke out against the government but the one’s who followed like blind sheep off a cliff. Now let me say I IN NO WAY CONDONE any acts of violence taken by William Ayers or the weather underground. I think they were seriously misguided teenagers who were angry at the direction their country was taking. Violence was the wrong choice. And I also don’t think communism is the answer, I’m more of a mixed economy person but that’s getting off topic. I think there are peaceful democratic means of achieving your goals. Take Martin Luther King for example. He was opposed to Vietnam and for single payer health care. If you don’t believe me on this point just look it up. His message reached millions without ever hurting anyone and lets be honest he had a lot of criticism of his government and their policies. This ra ra flag waving, we can do no wrong stance really scares me. In my opinion its the beginning of facism. Obama doesn’t hate America, he has a vision of how this country could be, how it used to be before we got so far off track.

    But on the specifics of the William Ayers connection. Ayers went to college and got a degree and teaches at a university in Chicago. He has spent the last 10 years on education reform. He’s actually received a lot of accolades and awards for his work. He and Obama were selected to serve on the same committee. Are we going to call the other committee members to tell them how terrible they were? So they worked on an education reform committee together. No one has any proof that they ever talked about his days in the Weather Underground or anything besides education reform in Chicago. He was never a political advisor or a mentor or anything to Obama. It’s ridiculous to assume they share the same political views. Obama has criticized Ayer’s actions from the 1960s. And if we’re playing this silly game of gulity by association then look up John Singlaub and the US Council for World Freedom. John McCain served on their board and they are responsible for a lot of the death squad killings in Nicaragua. So McCain then helped these guerillas overthrow the democratically elected government in Nicaragua and kill thousands of innocent civilians. But I suppose killing people abroad is less evil than killing people in the US. How very Christian of everyone.

  68. ABC123 said

    One more note those who call yourselves christians. We’re not supposed to judge people or presume to know what is in their hearts or in their relationship with god. I find my faith differently from you and I’m sure Obama finds his differently from both of us. God asks us not to do his job because lets be honest, he’s a lot better at it than we are. We also not supposed to hate. And not just the people we love. The bible says that’s easy to love your friends and family. Even a thief loves a person who is kind to him. The point is even if you think Obama or Ayers or anyone in your everyday life is the worst person on earth 1) it’s not your place to judge them and 2) you’re supposed to love them and treat them like you do.

    Hate begets hate and violence begets violence, but love begets love.

  69. voice of reason said

    Hard to believe a radical socialist with terrorist ties can be a legitimate candidate for the presidency.

  70. gmoney said

    To think Christians are not to judge people with whom they are to associate with is rediculous.
    Christians are to eschu evil as well, and all who do things of evil which are Satan inspired. The verse “Judge not lest ye be judged” does not say don’t judge, it says don’t judge or you to unless you want to be judged. A real Christian wants to be judged for his sins. He can be judged now or by God when he is separated from the righteous people which could be forever in God’s eyes. If he can clean up his act now then he will be in heaven.
    Let’s not mix Church and State this is a politcal blog not a religious blog. It is just that everything you said about God, Christianity, and religion is totally wrong.
    Now when you talk about hate, I have never seen such hate in American politics as there is now. Hate for Clinton, Reagan, and George W. is alive and well in the US. This isn’t just any hate but hate for the ruler of this land! That is not right. It is appropriate to disagree with your president’s fundamental political beliefs but you should support what he is doing for the country, his position as ruler of this land, and have compassion on him for the tremendous burden he carries in society. This is just common citizenship.
    We need to get the hate out of Washington, the bi-partisanship that exist there is choking the country. I don’t know of anybody that approves of it. This is why they all need to be voted out of office. We need to start a movement to get them all out of Washington as soon as possible. We need to fight for term limits on all political office positions. Get them out now.

  71. christi said

    You right ABC123, however it is our responsibility to hold them accountable for their actions, while still loving them. How could you even possibly think that this would be okay? Giving the most powerful job in the world to one person with extreme radical ties….that makes no sense.

  72. ABC123 said

    McCain had ties to extremely radical guerilla groups who murdered thousands in Nicaragua. He also has very close ties to Phil Ghram who is a big part of the reason we are in this financial mess. Deregulation is the reason for this financial crisis and foreclosure Phil is at the epicenter of this. You might remember him from the Enron scandal. Until recently he was McCain’s financial advisor on the campaign and thought to be headed for the position of secretary of the treasury. That makes no sense to me. To put the person responsible for this mess in charge of the treasury. Obama knew someone who behaved radically in the 60s. It doesn’t mean he thinks like him and it certainly doesn’t mean he takes any kind of advice from him. You’re assuming a lot here. I’m not going to murder because I know a murder or steal because I know a thief. Obama has never condoned the weather underground or their actions. He’s called their actions despicable. But William Ayers also has spent the last 10 years working on education reform. This is the Ayers that Obama knows. Not the kid in the weather underground who bombed buildings when Obama was 8 years old.

  73. Mark said

    I just want to reply to #12 comment.Helen you need to learn how to spell, it is speech and country. America is going to the toilet because of people like you. Lets not forget John McCain ties to Keating, which was the master mind behind the savings and loan crisis of the late ’80s and early ’90s. In that crisis, John McCain and his political patron, Charles Keating, played central roles that ultimately landed Keating in jail for fraud and McCain in front of the Senate Ethics Committee. The McCain campaign has tried to avoid talking about the scandal, but with so many parallels to the current crisis, McCain’s Keating history is relevant and voters deserve to know the facts — and see for themselves the pattern of poor judgment by John McCain.
    So please stop the BS, there is no prerequisite to being president and if there is John McCain is just as unqualified as Obama. I knew race would play a part in this election, there are dumb things being said like the absent minded granny who called Obama an Arab, real intelligent grow up and stick to the issues

  74. Another Voice of Reason said

    How easily we all label those with whom we disagree. Someone says Ayres is a terrorist and we believe the charge with no further challenge. Someone says McCain has ties to Nicaraguan terrorists and we believe it with no demand for proof. Someone says Samuel Adams and the Sons of Liberty were patriots and we think nothing of the fact that they destroyed government property and violently attacked government officials. Is a woman who bombs an abortion clinic a terrorist? How about a group of Christians who shout threats at a teenage girl on her way in to a Planned Parenthood office.

    Remember, the definition of terrorist depends on your perspective. Ayers loathed an administration and a government that was drafting our sons to send them to their death in a highly suspect war. The Son’s of Liberty loather a colonial government that was unfairly taxing the people. Abortion bombers loath the notion that babies are being killed at a clinic. Their righteousness depends on where you stand on an issue.

    What we know about Obama is that he sat on a charitable board doing good work for children with Ayers. Certainly he had quite a few interactions with him. Perhaps they even talked about Ayers past. So what? Do you suppose any of you go to church with criminals? If you do, does that make you a criminal. Has anyone ever been on a board with someone who has driven while intoxicated. Does that make you a criminal? Drunk drivers have KILLED 80,000 PEOPLE since the Saudi hijackers killed 3000 on September 11.

    When the people of this country don’t demand data and evidence to support the assertions of others, especially those in power, things go bad. We’ve been hearing about bad sub prime loans and a real estate bubble for three years now. Why did the people of the United States not demand answers and explanations long ago. Any one remember the junk bond Ponzi scheme that took down the savings and loans in the 80s? Is this more of the same? Yet here we are arguing about Obama’s association with some guy who may or may not have been a terrorist in the 60s.

    WAKE UP PEOPLE before there’s nothing left to argue over.

  75. christi said

    What do you mean we believe Ayers is a terrorist with no further challenge? What’s left to challenge when he is QUOTED ON RECORD for heavens sake, in the NY TIMES saying “guilty as sin, free as a bird, I love this country” WHATS LEFT TO CHALLENGE?? Why would you challenge the source itself?

    If Ayers was so upset with how this government is ran, then he should have moved away…and go terrorize some other country. Does he? Nope, he continues to live here in the very country “that sends our sons off to war to die”, as you put it earlier. Good grief, you make it sound like they didn’t choose to become soldiers and serve this country…FOR YOU.

    And by the way, those sons that were drafted to war, who died FOR ME AND FOR YOU…they are the ONLY reason why you get to continue to sit here, and formulate your opinion. However, if the people of this nation continue to sweep Obama, and his past, present, and future under the rug, then he and the government will be making our choices for us.

    Obama is a liar, he lied about knowing William Ayres. He lied about taking money from him. He lied about how long he knew him, and the nature of their relationship. He even lied and said that he didn’t know Ayres was a terrorist. Last month he was quoted as saying “I am not friends with him, we are just acquaintances”…Do you know an acquaintance who would hold a launch party for your political career at his own personal home? Can you name any one person whom you claim to barely know, and have them raise money for your campaign? I can’t! Over time, his story has changed. It has morphed from only being acquaintances, to a professional relationship, then to serving on a committee in Chicago together, then it changed to where he actually admitted being “friends” with him, then he claimed he didn’t even know about his terrorist act, the ENTIRE 14 plus years he has known him… THEN all of the sudden last week, it changed from not knowing he was a terrorist into “oh, I thought he was rehabilitated” See, Obama is counting on the fact that this nation is going to take a blind eye to his behavior, including the lying. He gets in there, rolls up his sleeves, and attempts to relate to the “working middle class” as much as possible. He has fooled you, and so many others. Yeah he talks nice, of course what he says makes sense sometimes, but do you really want to risk it? Is the change that he promises really worth the price it’s going to cost us? Every politician makes promises, EVERY politician makes promises. EVERY politician lies, however..there has never EVER in the history of this nation been a presidential candidate who has lied or EVEN BEEN ASSOCIATED with a terrorist. How dare you elect someone who WILL undo all the hard work that the “sons” of this nation has done for us. How dare you repay them that way!

    Oh and PS, the definition of terrorism does NOT depend on your perspective. A terrorist is a person who terrorizes or frightens others.

    YOU frighten me with not doing your own research, and having other people do it for you.

  76. Another Voice of Reason said


    I think you don’t, or won’t, understand my point. So…

    Please refine you definition of terrorist. if such a person is one “who terrorizes or frightens others,” what about McCain and Palin? Seems like they’ve got you pretty frightened. Apply your definition to your state of mind and its source and report how it comes out.

    Please present a lucid argument for why the British Crown would not have considered the Son’s of Liberty terrorists. Use some logic please…oh, and try to use the correct tense of the verbs you choose.

    Please present the basis for your assertion that the young men drafted into the Vietnam War died for me, and show how without their, often unwilling, sacrifice, our country would not now be free, or in a condition that would prevent me from engaging in this exchange.

    Do me a favor, desist with the “if he didn’t like it he could leave line.” It’s childish and nonsensical. Is it your view that if a citizen experiences government behavior they don’t like they should walk away instead of taking a stand to correct the situation?

    Please show some quotes, their sources, and their dates to support you assertions that Obama lied about his relationship about Ayres.

    I’m not a politician, but I know a couple. I been invited to functions hosted by prominent people in my town to support those politicians, and know for a fact that those prominent people are mere acquaintances of the pols. Further, millions of people who Obama does not know have raised money for his campaign. The same is true of John McCain.

    Please specify the changes you think Obama will make to the government, and support your assertions that those changes will be costly by cataloging the costs.

    Finally, please address the point by ABC123 and show how your declaration that,”there has never EVER in the history of this nation been a presidential candidate who has lied or EVEN BEEN ASSOCIATED with a terrorist,” is true.

    Thank you. I await your replies.


  77. christi said


    I am not here to do the work for you. If you would like to learn more about the government then you look it up.

    John McCain and Gov. Palin do not frighten me! It’s people like you who are naive to think that just because you know a politician or two, and or prominent people in your community, then you know how it works.

    And yes, if an American citizen “engages” in a terrorist act against other people of this nation, and still lives here…then yes they can leave. It’s not childish, nor nonsensical….it’s rational. Why would someone do something like that, and continue to live in the very place they despise?? THAT’S NONSENSICAL.

    My friend, I have logic. You however, seem to live in a world where everyone around you does the work for you. You figure it out!

    Oh, I certainly hope that I have used the proper tense of the verbs with in my speech. I apologize if it has offended you. Seeing as how you know so many prominent people within your community, I can understand how it could somehow upset you.

    I have absolutely no desire to explain myself to you, there is no need for it. Either you understand or you don’t. It’s very simple.

  78. Soopafly said

    Gmoney stated that the bi-partisanship in Washington is “choking our country”. What bi-partisanship? There is none! That’s the problem!

    Christi states that you should check facts. It doesn’t do any good to check your “facts” on a partisan, conservative website. Try a non-partisan source like It is plain as day to see how more often McCain/Palin lie, and make false claims, than does Obama. And it covers EVERY issue and EVERY claim by each candidate.

    McCain and Palin are using the Karl Rove style fear tactics beacuse that’s all they have left. They are very scary. For Palin to “clear herself” of any wrong doing as Gov of Alaska, is laughable and reminds me of Bush’s “executive privledge” claims in order to not answer questions about the war and not being held accountable for his actions. Conservatives keep claiming that we’ve won the War. Why are we still there then?

    All the claims on this messege board of Obama being “friends” with Aires, or having any ties other than 6 meetings they attended as part of being on the same board is debunked at As is all the other rediculous made up lies that McCain and Palin are spreading. Inform yourself on how these candidates truly view the issues and what they have each proposed to do. You should come to the same conclusion (if you’re open minded that is) that McCain/Palin are liars, and Obama, though not perfect, is our best choice to lead the country.

    Unless your views are already shaped, like Christi’s, and you don’t care about facts, but only what your party says, this is a no-brainer!

    To clear up the terrorists claims. The Weather Group always called in bomb threats to clear the buildings before detonating any explosives. They were not trying to kill people. They were destroying the buildings. Yes, I believe that is wrong. But that wasn’t Obama. That was Aires.

    Again, McCain and many people in America have associations with questionable characters. On the surface, some may be and should be worried. But when you delve into it with an open mind, you find that this is the only thing that McCain has left to try and garner points. It’s rediculous. This isn’t a new thing. Hillary Clinton brought this up in the Democratic Debates, and it didn’t stick then, it’s not going to stick now.

    Try something new Conservatives!! I know you can stoop lower!

  79. OMG said

    So because they called in bomb threats, that makes it much better, or some how less than what it is? What do you mean they only wanted to destroy the buildings? Why do it during the day then when it was occupied? I really thought they did it because all of the people they were targeting like NY City Police Officers, Washington Officials, and others….was to hurt the people who are hurting the innocent over seas. I guess I assumed that’s what happened because THAT’S WHAT HE SAID. That is straight from the horses mouth, go look it up on youtube.

  80. OMFG said

    irrational scared white poeople….

  81. T said

    For several days, I have read the comments and opinions shared over the last several months on this website regarding the topic of Mr. Obama‘s association with Mr. Aires. Extreme emotion, passion, and interjection from those taking the time to comment have been made. I hope all of you who have made comments will vote with the pending election, if you don’t….does your opinion carry any weight and really matter?

    I am a person, who I believe like many for my age; typically lean a little more right than left. My example, I voted for President Clinton during for his last term, Governor Bush for his first term, then finally Senator Kerry at the last election. Having prefaced my voting basis, I challenge all who have commented to review the last several months of debate for this topic and available intranet information to identify the facts and how Mr. Obama has vaguely and publicly commented, each time further information becomes public. HE CERTAINLY DOES NOT WANT TO TALK ABOUT THIS TOPIC IF HE CAN HELP IT.

    We all like to fight for our candidates, or party….let’s admit it, its fun. However, this year’s election is one of the most important elections in sometime. Our privilege to participate in this year’s voting process should and must be based on the intelligent factual information gathering and decision making process because folks, the candidates have very different opinions and solutions to our problems.

    Don’t you believe we need a leader who makes decisions on what is best for the people of the country? We need leaders in Washington not politicians who are afraid to make decisions that is right for the country verses their own reelection decisions. Our world today is complicated and will continue to be complicated however; we have access to information like never before. I say we use it and make fact based decisions. This year’s VOTE is going to be a challenge

  82. Why isn’t Aires in jail?

  83. OMG said

    Oh my friend, this is so not a black and white issue. It’s sad that you see it that way. Why does every thing have to be reduced to a black or white issue? Is it because black people are still upset over slavery? You know, white people were slaves..but you don’t see them running around and say things like “irrational scared black people”..

  84. Marco said

    I remember 4 years ago…as well as 8 years ago I spent so much time wasting my breath arguing with friends about who was the right man to run this country. To this day I have never told any of them “I told you so”. It is depressing enough that we are in the state we are in, as a country, without thinking back to how depressing it was to watch you people re-elect George W. One thing you Democrats need to realize is that you will never change these people’s minds. They do not look for answers they just take what is past around by there right wing friends, and given to them by there scary conservative media, and when they are wrong which they have been for years they will not admit it. Stick to your guns right?

    Republicans- There was a point in time when being a Republican meant something (Abe Lincoln). Stop arguing for no reason and try to get back to that time.

  85. Marco said

    Slavery ended in 1865. I don’t remember any white slaves in the U.S. or anywhere else for that matter in the late 1800s.By the way racial segregation lasted into the sixties.

  86. Marco said


  87. gina said

    It is sad that people in this country live to judge a man by uncalled for allegations! Why is it the americans are built on emotions and feelings but not what is realistic? What has this country done for you? Are you as an american living without complaints of any kind? Who cares what happened in the 1800’s. What you should worry about is how to move on? Answer that! How much longer should people suffer and go without food or health insurance? Why are we as americans in business that we do not belong in? I do not care how much my neighbors make, I care about how my neighbors will survive because if times get any worse than they start taking from you, what you work hard to keep, make and cherish! If I believed in every media flick that flashed acrossed my television or what I heard on the radio I would literally with in a flash become ignorant! Wake up people! Who speaks on straight forward answers, who speaks for you? The rich is not making a mistake and paying for my college education, the rich never made a mistake and stopped by my house and put food on my table when my celiac dieased child almost went hungry. I work two jobs, full time college and raise my family on a fixed income. Who’s idea was it to charge for water when it is free, who took land from another man because they thought their language was superior. Think about the realistic issues at hand. Stop talking and do something about it!!!!

  88. GEORGIA GIRL said

    These are hard times for many americans. Jobs laying off and times are getting hard for everyone. The last thing we need is a president that does’t understand or possibly don’t know what we are going through.Our education system is suffering my concern is not pay increasees for the teachers “although it would help” it is basic funding for the things our school system need. There are so many other issues i can state, but my point is stick to the issues please stop spreading anger and hate move forward. I do believe a change is coming.

  89. Fallon Sincavage said

    Listen okay, you have to be a goddamn idiot if you think that this man is a terrorist. First of all William Ayres committed these acts when Barack Obama was 8 years old, then about 10 years ago he attended a school board, that may I add John Mccain also attended which has nothing to do with any form of him being Anti American or in worst case a TERRORIST! It is ridiculous to even say such things. Barack Obama knows that true americans believe him and believe in his change and that is why he’s winning in the polls and is going to win the White House.

    I just want to say that John Mccain is an idiot. He’s 72 years old and he’ll be lucky if he even lives through his term if he wins, and if he, god forbid would die then Sarah Palin would be the President of MY COUNTRY. This is one scary thought. No way in hell could this woman run our country. If you want a worse America then what we have now then vote for Mccain Palin, but if you want change and you want help and difference from what we had the last 8 years vote for the right man. I’m telling you Barack Obama is gonna take this country by storm, he needs every vote so go out there, get your vote out.

    If John Mccain is elected he will destroy this world.
    I mean this just as I say it. There will be a nuclear war, and no one’s gonna win this one. Life will be over as we know it.

    Dec 11, 2012

    ^4 Years From Now, when our future presidents term ends.
    Choice wisely, Choose safely, Choose carefully, and really think about this election
    Don’t not vote for a person because of their nationality,religion,gender,family, or anything personal.
    Vote for the next president based on what they’re gonna do for you wallet for your surrounds, their tax plans, climate control, social security, their polices and their ticket. Know what your doing and who your voting for before you decide on person matters that shouldn’t be concerned.

  90. foospro86 said

    You liberals are full of it. Ayers radicalism reflects on Obama a lot:

  91. YAL said

    How about you state our opinion with out being a jerk. You can have your opinion but don’t sit there as if you know a THING about what you are saying.

  92. Paul Salerno said

    Just curious, what terrorist acts are Obama actually guilty of ?
    I always thought everyman should be accountable for their actions not the actions of other people. I guess everybody is a piece of shit since we all know somebody who has done something wrong in their lives.

  93. foospro86 said

    Do you guys actually read what is posted?! I’m not going to defend myself from claims I never made such as “Obama is a terrorist.” When you work closely with a radical unrepentant terrorist, that reflects on you! Would you share an office for three years with someone like that?

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with judging people by the company they keep. We all choose our friends. And Obama has admitted to choosing them carefully, so apparently Ayers was just fine. Obama has LIED about his relationship with this man. That alone should give everyone pause.

  94. Marco said

    I hear republicans including John McCain lie, or at least twist the hell out of the truth every time they speak. Raising taxes on 50% of Americans & small businesses. Not true. When they say businesses making 250K they fail to mention they are talking about net, after salaries, health care, rent, every expense. That makes up about 5-10% of small business in the U.S. Also, lets say Joe the Plumber (I’d rather shoot myself in the foot then hear John McCain say that one more time) makes 280K under Obama’s plan he would be paying an extra 600 bucks. That money isn’t breaking a co. netting 280K, and it is definitely not keeping them from hiring.


    Small Business Owner

  95. Marnie said

    Listen to Obama attack “white people” from 1995:

  96. Parli Pundit said

    hurra to you…not to often do people use sound cogent arguments when speaking politics, it is a breath of fresh air. I have not heard one response to your argument that bears any weight to the issue. Does anyone know what “conservative” means? I am a conservative who has read “Ideas Have Consequences” by Richard Weaver. I would agree that in these latter days we have sold our “freedom” for the comforts of contemporary living. BTW does it concern anyone that the government is about to assume control of a large portion of the financial market. they are poised to control a large share of the powerhouse banks that are left. And they did so well with fannie and freddie. LOL oh yeah I almost forgot…have you heard about the Democrat Attorney General from Pennsylvania who is charging Barak for not being a natural born US Citizen. check out

  97. Memphis said

    Obama is unfit to run this country. He has logged 143 days in the Senate. That is less than 5 months. He has campaigned for longer than that. The only reason he is even getting any votes, is because too many people are starry eyed about the idea of having the first black president. Well NEWS FLASH, Obama is only 6.25% black. So all the idiots out there who are only voting for him because he is going to be the first black president wake up. Please listen to his policies, you can tell by all of his proposals that he is inexperieced. When you really think about it, most of his ideas will screw the economy up more than fix it.

  98. Memphis said

    Obama is not the descendant of slaves, he is the
    descendant of slave owners

  99. josh said

    obama is not a Muslim, bill ayers wasn’t an actual terrorist he was an anti-war radical and he is a professor at a university and so is his wife. how come you never hear that mentioned that he was never prosecuted for anything related to terrorist acts and he is not in jail he is a free man and has a prestigious job in the united states and lives here peacefully as a citizen in the country he supposedly terrorized. Do you guys even now anything about the issues or anything relevant or do you just rant about what you see on fox news apparently all of you have the internet try using google for something use full besides looking up naked pics on Anne Coulter to beat off to while you watch the O’reily factor

  100. Daniel Hodgson said

    Karen, April 8, 2008:
    “No one knows the reason for the association.”

    They were both part of a charity organization, numbnuts. Obama even had dinner at the guy’s house a few times.

  101. carl said

    First, I must sadly admit, that my interest in politics came late in life, 48 to be exact. This is actually my first blog. Unfortunately there were no political figures that sparked any degree of interest in my youth. I imagine it would have taken either persistent parental influence or somewhat of a radical, extraordinary individual in my childhood to spur any political enthusiasm. Someone similar to William Aires. Now before everyone starts calling me a Communist American terrorist let me state that I’m simply sharing food for thought, and I don’t justify or share any of Aires political views or actions. It just doesn’t seem extremely surprising that an individual who’s been exposed and involved in politics their whole life, Obama in this case, had someone radical igniting their political interest. I actually wouldn’t be surprised if there’s been a number of previous president with similar influences in their childhood. I’m also not convinced that being associated with a certain individual means you share similar viewpoints. I assume that over the past 40 years William Aires has been directly involved with an extremely high number of individuals. And, well, there’s just not a lot of buildings blowing up in the U.S. And where’s all these radicals hanging out at ??? I haven’t really met many lately. Hey, you guys seem kind of radical !! Found ya !!!…lol
    Thanks, this was fun !!!
    Carl the Electrician
    (please, no record deals !)

  102. […] Bill Aires – Obama’s Ties to Terrorism […]

  103. John said

    Someone asked for ten reasons not to vote for Obama, here:

    1. He supports infanticide, literally!

    2. His spiritual mentor for 20 years has been Jeremiah Wright whom Obama personally chose out of many Chicago pastors. It strains credibility that he didn’t know about Wright’s views. He listened to tapes of Rev. Wright when he was at Harvard Law! So why did he choose him and stick with him for so long? The only possible explanation is that he approved of Wright’s tirades.

    3. He is a close friend of William Ayers and Bernadine Dorhn, unrepentant Weather Underground terrorists.

    4. He is a target for assassination, not because he is black but because he is a Muslim apostate, according to devout Muslims around the world. Therefore, he cannot be a good Chief Diplomat to the Middle East.

    5. He was mentored by a communist.

    6. His economic plan will harm the US economy and create more fiscal irresponsibility with the Congressional Budget. Why do we want to return to the days of Jimmy Carter?

    7. He is in favor of unilateral disarmament, leaving America defenseless against its enemies.

    8. He is unaccomplished. He hasn’t really done anything of worth relative to the office of the US presidency. He’s only been in the Senate for about two years (assumed in office Jan of 2005 and announced his candidacy for the presidency in Feb 2007). One can’t be simultaneously a full-time senator and a full-time presidential candidate. Soon he will have campaigned for almost as long as he has been in the Senate.

    9. He is willing to personally meet with hostile dictators like Hugo Chavez and Ahmadinejad with no preconditions. They don’t deserve such a privilege of meeting the President of the USA. Reagan negotiated from a position of strength, when he thought he could gain something. What does Obama hope to gain?

    10. Three other people: Tony Rezko, Eric Holder, Jim Johnson. Why does Obama associate with such shady characters?

  104. Marco said

    Do your own research, don’t plagiarize rederic and repost it. You will find that any person can take the pieces of information that best serve there purpose, then take there flawed opinion and use it to poison week minds. And I like how they compare his economical plan to Carter instead of Clinton. By the way look at our deficit when Carter left office then when Reagan left office.

  105. Marco said

    How many of the people that you connect Obama to are in jail? Look in to McCain’s buddy Charles Keating.

  106. Dante said

    McCain was EXONERATED! And the chariman of the committe, a liberal, said that he was only included so a Republican would get some of the blame. Besides, that was years ago. “God Damn America” was much more recent. But… alas Obama won, so we should all just buy our guns now and brace ourselves to a return to the Carter years. At least it will only last for four years, then we can actually be proud of our president again, which we haven’t been able to do since…….. 1992.

  107. PJ said

    Obama Is NOT A Terrorist

  108. Elizabeth said

    I think the American people as a whole are completely ignorant to Obamas political agenda. We are so focused on the negative issues Bush has caused, we only see how Obama differs from him. The whole time not realizing how dangerous Obama is and how un-American the people he associates himself with are. I beleive with my entire being Obama will with his “living constitution” kill every right we as Americans have. Look at the non-military force already being assembled, and the recent gun seize in Chicago. Doesn’t that seem a little against your right as an American to bear arms? Isn’t that supposed to be protected under the Constitution? American are so focused on the promise of Obama, they can’t stand back and see the truth.

  109. Chris said

    Liberalism is a mental disorder. It is both oppressive and regressive, not progressive. It cheats, discriminates, extorts, gauges, kills, lies, rapes, and steals for profit. Those are the results!

    Also, republicans earn flack only when being liberal. Enemies of conservatism can shove it up their butts.

  110. red said

    i love obama,i looking for ajob, i am so sad,even if i find ajob pay for me 600 doll amonth i will work,

  111. I just wanted to speak in and let you know that you are quite possibly one of the best writers ever on this subject. Everyone else is very hard to understand as I am not exactly A native English speaker, but I am trying. So I appreciate you breaking it down for me.

  112. harold said

    If Obama is not connected with the terroist party then why is he keeping company with them, a decent humanbeing would not lower themselfs to be friends with someone who would like to kill other americans and destroy our way of life!now that this man is in office we can see where he is leading us, on a road to total distruction, his ideas on health reform are totaly obsered,if one can’t afford his ins.then you dam sure cant afford his fine for not having it.

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