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Social Security is Racist

Posted by Tony Listi on February 14, 2008

Social Security is racist because it effectively takes from younger blacks their hard-earned money and gives it to older whites. Blacks die earlier on average and thus get screwed. The Democratic Party supports this racism. 

January 04, 2005, 9:26 a.m.
Not Moving on Up
What Social Security reform would mean for blacks.

Would liberals support Social Security reform if they thought of it as reparations for blacks?

The current Social Security system disadvantages blacks for reasons related to their historic mistreatment. Private accounts would go some way toward addressing this legacy of discrimination – as Democrats typically put it – but the supposed fiercest advocates of black interests are precisely the ones who will stand in the way.

There is a direct correlation between economic status and average life span. This means that blacks, who are disproportionately poor, partly for historic reasons, tend to have shorter life spans, especially black males. The average life expectancy of a black male is roughly 68.6. The retirement age of Social Security is set under current law to eventually rise to 67. You do the math – this cannot be a good deal.

According to Social Security expert David John of the Heritage Foundation, one-fifth of white males die between the ages of 50 and 70. But one-third of black males die between those ages. If you die before you reach the age of 62, you have no chance of collecting benefits, and if you die shortly thereafter, you will not recoup the payroll taxes you paid into the system.

John ran the numbers for persons roughly age 20 to 25 living in the ZIP code for liberal New York Rep. Charlie Rangel’s district office. The average rate of return from Social Security for these young people will be negative 8 percent. If young blacks were being fleeced in this way by, say, “predatory lenders,” the likes of Rangel would scream racism and demand change. But if they are financially abused by a liberal sacred cow, the implicit message is: Don’t get uppity.

The current system has features that provide some protections for blacks. They disproportionately benefit from disability insurance, but that program won’t be touched by reform. Also, when a worker dies, his children and/or spouse collect some benefits. The child gets benefits as long as he is under age 18 or not yet graduated from high school, although the closer to retirement age someone gets, the less likely he is to have a child under 18. A spouse gets benefits if she is married to the deceased at the time of his death or was married to the deceased for 10 years or more.

Under most reform plans, a private account will fund the same spousal benefit as in the current system, but the remaining balance will go directly to the deceased’s family. In the current system, if someone dies and has no wife or children, the money he has paid in simply disappears. Under reform, the beneficiary would be able to designate who receives the assets in his account, whether it is a niece or a church. The money stays in the community.

This is so important because even as blacks have made up ground in terms of income – their household income has increased roughly 47 percent since 1967 – they lag badly when it comes to net worth. The median net worth for black families is only $19,000, a mere 15 percent of the same figure for white families. Blighted opportunities in the past have kept blacks from passing wealth from generation to generation.

Private Social Security accounts would help address this deficit – if Democrats don’t stop them. The dirty secret is that the political appeal of the welfare state is not primarily in helping the needy, but in larding benefits on middle-class voters. This dynamic is starkly evident in a system that docks the wages of low-income minorities to subsidize the retirement of wealthy, healthy, long-lived baby boomers.

Opinion polls have shown that roughly 60 percent of blacks support the idea of private Social Security accounts. If only their political advocates could see the light. They should think of the accounts as financial affirmative action, or any other government initiative meant to benefit blacks. According to the ideology of black victimhood, blacks are apparently owed everything – except a better opportunity to save and own their own retirement assets.

– Rich Lowry is author of Legacy: Paying the Price for the Clinton Years.

(c) 2004 King Features Syndicate

3 Responses to “Social Security is Racist”

  1. Actually instead of being so concerned about money being taken out of the black pocket. Why don’t you or someone else tell me why blacks only make 78% of their white counterparts. Then maybe we can worry about keeping more of that hard earned cash.

    It doesn’t matter who is in office the democrats or republicans they all work to keep the status quo and that is what is taking money out of the black pockets. So when either party is willing to address white privilege which keeps us working for less pay then I am sure that blacks will want to listen. Until then this means nothing.


  2. foospro86 said

    Obviously, you are raising a completely different issue. But why is it so important to focus on who is not handing out money rather than on who is taking earned money from the black community? You make it sound like blacks are entitled to certain sums of money even before it gets in their pockets, but that they are not entitled to the money already in their pockets.

    Blacks do not earn as much as whites, on average, because they do not have the valuable and marketable skill sets relative to whites. Why? They don’t receive a good education. Why? 2 reasons: the government has a monopoly on schools and thus they are of poor quality and, secondly, the black community, in general relative to whites, does not have a culture that encourages educational excellence in its children. And relative to Asians, whites, in general, do not encourage educational excellence in their children. Cultural differences that lead to behavioral differences cannot be ignored.

    If you have the right skills and work ethic, no one can stop you from being successful. No one. Even unjust discrimination, however much still exists, cannot long withstand the forces of supply and demand.

  3. Who is asking for a handout? Whenever blacks want EQUAL pay it is all of a sudden a hand out. Why is NOT a hand out for whites to be payed more? Also, wouldn’t that equal pay be counted as money in your pocket. Is that how you justify blatant racist pay is to say that blacks don’t have valuable marketable skill sets etc.? Would you be OK with blacks being on the upper end of the pay scale with you unjustly at the bottom? I doubt it.

    I know many, many people with better quality and more marketable skill sets who are still earning less than LESS qualified whites. In fact studies show that the blacks that make less in a professional setting are usually MORE qualified than their white counterpart. So your excuse holds no water. Did I also mention that blacks have to work twice as hard for the same raise?

    But according to you this is OK and we shouldn’t try and change that since “hey, that is the way things are.” Right? There are always going to be ignorant people who just value whites more. Right? These are the same old silly arguments that people give in order to keep the status quo, less their white privilege be tested.

    Also, all I have read in your reply so far is a bunch of rhetorical propaganda. Blacks don’t encourage excellence. Whatever. So my problem is people constantly try to decide for blacks what they should be “more” concerned with. Blacks need to be “more” concerned with EQUALITY! Not with people wanting us to get behind a cause that benefits them more than it will us anyway.

    Even if we worked to end social security, what does that do for black people. Not only do we make less we pay more in interest rates, have less inherent wealth etc. So we have less money to save. Therefor we have less money for retirement. So there we are AGAIN relegated to falling into the poor house with no social security or anything else to catch us.

    But that is OK too right? But this is what we should be concerned with. Not with trying to fight for equal pay, equal tax structure, equal lending practices and equal healthcare so that maybe we won’t die earlier than whites.

    Instead of trying to bamboozle blacks into your cause that obviously benefits you, why don’t you focus attention on the REAL issues plaguing our community that you didn’t look up in the racially rhetorical propaganda book. Also, no matter what YOU say, if a racist person is standing between you and the job, you will NOT be hired. Unfortunately for blacks, discrimination exists and it seems to not have many problems withstanding the forces of supply and demand.


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