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The Witness of Mary Magdalene: Evidence in Support of the Truth of Christianity

Posted by Tony Listi on October 29, 2007

“Now, as a woman of that time in history, Mary Magdalene’s testimony to the fact of the Resurrection would not have been accepted like that of a man’s. Jesus nevertheless appeared first to her, in defiance of the customs of the time, and then told her to go tell the men. Some scholars cite this fact as one of the strongest proofs that the Resurrection actually took place: If the story had been fabricated, no one would have made a woman the first witness to the defining miracle of Christianity.”

This small but interesting insight hits me as another piece of countercultural evidence (Christianity grew out of direct opposition to the Jewish culture of the time) against fabrication, if not in positive support of Christianity. I think I had heard this point before, but it takes on greater significance and irony now that I think about The DaVinci Code.

In addition, while there are many aspects of patriarchy in Christianity, feminity is not despised or of any lower dignity. Only through the false feminist world-view in which power, wealth, and status are the chief virtues could someone see Christianity as justifying male oppression of women. Male dominance and governance within marriage/family in itself no more equates to oppression than Christ’s monarchical governance of humanity. That is not to say that husbands have never abused or will never abuse their wives. It is only to say that the mere fact that ultimate authority is not shared is not in itself unjust or sinful.  

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