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No Blood for Water!

Posted by Tony Listi on September 21, 2007

I interviewed this Code Pink wacko who was at an Iraq War protest at Texas A&M University at the corner of Texas Ave. and University Drive. And little did you know, we invaded Iraq for its water! Unfortunately, the video cut off on me unexpectedly. Who knows what else I could have gotten on tape if it had kept rolling.

It is just dishonest to unqualifiably say that our soldiers are commiting atrocities in Iraq, as she did. The vast majority of the men and women of our military are good people, well trained and disciplined, and making the lives of Iraqis better. 

Yes, you might say war is an atrocity. But it is a truism hardly worth saying. It’s like saying poverty, evil, or sin is an atrocity. They are all facts of life, of humanity. We can do our best to mitigate their effects and contain them, but we will never eliminate these evils completely. And the attempt to do so cannot be done without destroying humanity itself, an even greater evil. For as Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn and Sirius of the Harry Potter series said, the division between good and evil, light and dark, runs straight through every human heart. Indeed, this is the message of the Bible and Christianity. Indeed, this idea is the basis for the Constitution that the American Founders framed.

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